Batch Course Enrollments Using .CSV File

Step 1: Create a Course Enrollment Custom Attribute

Remember, this tutorial is going to cover enrolling learners in a batch upload into their respective courses at one time. Since this tutorial is strictly applicable to institutions that offer 1 single course per term, we will only need one Custom Attribute (“Course Enrollment”) that will contain all course titles as options in the form of a drop-down menu.

1. Go to the backend at the site level
2. Click on People
3. Select Members
4. Click Customize
5. Click Add Attribute

a. Label: Course Enrollment
b. Input type: Drop Down
c. Uncheck all boxes
d. Add List element: Type in all course titles here, begin with Select a course and add course titles to follow in the dropdown menu

Course A (substitute your course title)
Course B (substitute your course title)
Course C (substitute your course title)

6. Click Save to finish

Step 2: Create Course Targets Based on the Custom Attribute Drop-down Menu Options

It is important to create a course target for each course selection, so that you have a way of consolidating all learners you would expect to be taking a certain course, into the respective course target group. Later, in Step 3, you will learn how the target group becomes associated with its corresponding course.

1. Go to People
2. Select Targets
3. Click +New Target

a. Name: Course title
b. Description: not required
c. Category: not required
d. Logic: And (selected by default)

4. Click Save and Continue to finish

5. Select the Basic Profile Filter and scroll down to Custom Attributes

6. Select Course Enrollments

a. Click on the plus sign (+)
b. Scroll down
c. Select a course from the dropdown menu

7. Click Save to finish
Note: You will repeat this step for EACH course you created for your term

Step 3: Go to the Course to Enable the Auto Enroll Option

Enabling the Auto Enroll Option inside of each course is how the course target will become associated with the course. This will allow for the enrollment path to link from the course selection made in the .CSV file into the respective course for each learner.

1. Click on Applications
2. Select Courses
3. Identify the course from the listing
4. Click on the gear-icon and select Edit from the dropdown menu

5. Under the Edit tab in the course

a. Scroll all the way down to Auto Enroll Option
b. Check the Auto Enroll Option box
c. Select the Course target

6. Click Save to finish
Note: You will enable the “Auto Enroll Option” in every course offered in the term.

Steps 4 and 5 will complete the process.

Step 4: Format the .CSV File accordingly (to match the Custom Attribute Title created in Step 1)

Your .CSV file must include the following column headers. Notice that the column header in column D matches the exact title of your Custom Attribute.
1. First Name
2. Last Name
3. Email
4. Course Enrollment

Step 5: Upload .CSV File

1. Click on People
2. Select Management
3. Click +File and select your file and wait for it to load (the blue bar will fill the box)
4. Click Upload
5. Each Column should map automatically with each Mapping Option

On the right-hand panel, under Import Options, be sure that Activate user account remains checked (checked by default) and leave the Add to Target unchecked.

6. Click Begin Import to finish

Once you have uploaded your file, you can go back to Applications > Courses to review your new enrollments.

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