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PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL  (April 21, 2020) Due to the high number of infections during the pandemic caused by COVID-19 and the large number of patients requiring in-hospital management, the number of countries that created field hospitals or other healthcare facilities to meet the needs of the current health crisis continues to grow. To meet this enormous challenge, multi-disciplinary teams of professionals have been established, who had not worked together before, creating unique and unprecedented communication and training challenges.

Covid-19dialogEDU is a powerful learning management and communication system advancing knowledge of learners globally. Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, dialogEDU partnered with AIS (Advances in Surgery) along with various other technologies, to volunteer the needed digital platform and training to field hospitals set up globally. The first, established by IFEMA in Madrid, Spain, at its largest convention center, is now the country’s leading field hospital.

The creation of these health centers presented logistical challenges that included finding the best location, optimizing space, ensuring availability of devices, training for all participants of the healthcare team and providing supplies and equipment, required to manage patients. It also presented organizational challenges including, the creation of new teams of healthcare professionals from more than one hospital, to work in temporary spaces with patients of all types of illnesses of varying complexities.

Rod Menchaca B. MC, PhD, CEO of Advances in Surgery commented, “Over the coming days and weeks, healthcare warriors around the world will need access to validated, easily accessible material (including mental health material) more than ever. Our clinical team is working hard to get as many courses in many different mediums out as possible and in record time.”

Covid-19The training provided the required education for all workers and had tremendous value to the effectiveness at the IFEMA facility, impacting the ultimate care of the patients being treated at this temporary medical field hospital.

Uniformity of effective use of equipment and patient management/communication are the biggest challenges faced at these field hospitals, and that is where the Cloud Hospital came in.

The dialogEDU platform quickly provided the digital distribution of the training. All information was easily accessible online in the platform and allowed for distribution of education, according to the role of each professional, streamlining the process and the learning distribution, in an organized and efficient manner.

The platform segmented content and communication without the need for an army of people to automatically manage the newly indexed library of courses.

A wide array of professionals, from doctors, to military personnel, to maintenance staff, to caterers, all receive the information they need to provide lifesaving patient care through the learning platform.

“It is an honor to be able to provide technology that is making a difference and helping on the front line in Madrid’s IFEMA during this unprecedented time,” said Debbie Schwarzberg, Executive Chairman of dialogEDU. “Hundreds of doctors, nurses and healthcare workers at the IFEMA Field Hospital in Madrid (hospital de campaña de IFEMA) were trained in our platform with AIS courses and current information for their specific roles and responsibilities, seamlessly and efficiently.”

Vodafone and other technology companies added greatly to this partnership and joined with just a few phone calls to put the system together overnight.

Schwarzberg added “An Education Technology team with decades of experience in healthcare solved some of the most demanding requirements for the field hospitals during this pandemic, showing how companies with care and compassion can make a difference and help save lives while the world is suffering from COVID-19.”

 About AIS:

Advances in Surgery is a global surgical and medical knowledge-transferring, data-driven ecosystem, comprising a set of digital correlative platforms, with the purpose of facilitating access to high-quality content created by the world’s best specialists. The goal of AIS is to accelerate the training/learning curve so as to close the gap between innovation and adoption, through the use of behavioral analysis, artificial intelligence, active listening, and adaptive learning management systems. To learn more visit

About dialogEDU:

dialogEDU is a global digital training and communication platform designed to be transformative, engaging, and collaborative. Responsive to today’s market needs, dialogEDU is flexible and allows groups worldwide to transform their businesses and services. The platform can be applied to create virtual online conferences for information sharing, telemedicine patient training, or traditional online learning models. Intuitive, secure, and scalable, the multilingual SaaS platform is available 24/7 globally. The platform’s features allow for personalization of content facilitating engagement and collaboration for creation of targeted information. dialogEDU’s forums build long term networking relationships with the users of the system whether they are professional groups or employees of worldwide enterprises while providing participants gamified, digital portfolios to recognize each individualized achievement.