When a global target is created at the account level, the filters included in the original target will be defined across all the available sites. The inclusion of User Profile custom attributes is limited to only Global custom attributes to guarantee their availability in each site under the Account.
Focused around filters defined in the initial global target that is created at the Account level, if the global target is edited, it will propagate down to all the sites. Local admins will not be able to edit global targets unless they have been provided with explicit permissions.

Targets are completely dependent on filters to function. In order to guarantee the availability of the exact attributes that are required for the targets to function in each site using the target filters, global targeting currently the following filter types:

  • Basic Profile Filter – includes global custom attributes
  • Friends Filter
  • Localization Filter
  • Email Filter


To create a global target

  1. Go to the Account level
  2. Click People
  3. Select Targets
  4. Click on +New Target
  5. Name your target and click Save
  6. Select +Add a Filter

7. The User Interface to create and apply the filters is straightforward and intuitive, click Save to finish.

The following is an example of a Global Target listing within a specific site under the Account. The Location column displays the information.

Permissions are required to be able to manage Global Targets unless the User is a Grant Administrator.

To learn more about use cases for global targeting, visit the release notes https://dialogedusupport.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360035557991-Enhancements

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