Classroom Champions selects dialogEDU!

Inspiring a New Generation of Champions On and Off the Field.

Classroom Champions, a leader in Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) across the U.S. and Canada is addressing the growing demand from parents, teachers, and administrators for SEL programs for children, ages 5-14. Classroom Champions selected dialogEDU to deliver its educational content for a brand-new K-8 SEL Foundation Curriculum. DialogEDU will help deliver to kids online and on tablets and computers in the homes of tens of thousands of children.

The dialogEDU Founder, Debbie Schwarzberg, explained, “When visionary companies marry visionary technology – people’s lives are changed, allowing intangible traits like self-esteem, self-respect and confidence to be built. Now more than ever, children and young adults need help developing these traits. Classroom Champions’ programs are creating stronger, and more confident individuals:
We are so proud to be able to be the learning platform delivering the exceptional experiences Classroom Champions provide internationally.”

“Classroom Champions is a great example of how connecting world-class athletes with children K-8 can enrich their lives and motivate them to inspire their place as champions. The use of our technology helps keep important content interesting and interactive, engaging children at school, in after school programs, and at home”, said Vincent Torralbes, COO of dialogEDU

Classroom Champions Founder and CEO, Steve Mesler was thrilled to announce the partnership, “We are proud of our partnership with Dialog and excited for the new platform to showcase the incredible engagement and learning between Classroom Champions athlete mentors and teachers, students, and parents.”

“As a former teacher of 7 years, it’s imperative that technology is visually appealing, easy to navigate, but more importantly, that it works. When the three of those are unified, it makes for an incredulous education experience and allows students to focus on what matters, the content.” said Kate Pereira, Classroom Champions’ School Support Manager.

The Classroom Champions SEL Foundations Curriculum brings a rich, immersive, multimedia experience to both teachers and students, including the first-of-its-kind virtual mentorship with world-class athletes. Now, the program is easily accessible to parents to to support their kids’ essential social and emotional wellness at home.

Classroom Champions and dialogEDU are supporting teachers and parents everywhere by putting resources at their fingertips, and to engage students through authentic relationships with world-class athlete mentors.

Equally exciting is that essential social and emotional learning is expanding its reach and giving a new generation of champions the skills they need to succeed.

This exciting program integrates lessons and mentorship from over 200+ Olympic, Paralympic, professional, and student-athlete mentors. It includes core curricular materials, including multimedia-rich lesson plans and a growing library of supplemental videos and home-to-school resources. The content is delivered in 8 thematic units focused on real-life, evidence-based, social and emotional learning topics.

The easy-to-use dialogEDU platform integrates with the important video conferencing tools for the Classroom Champions program, thereby supporting the live interactions between students and world-class athlete mentors to foster authentic relationships that inspire students to find their inner champion. The interactions with mentors help define a wide array of social and emotional skills, giving students real-life examples of how to apply these learning to their everyday world.

About Classroom Champions

Classroom Champions is a non-profit dedicated to connecting students with world-class athlete mentors. Classroom Champions supports students’ social and emotional learning (SEL) and academic achievement, and provides curriculum and mentorship programs to districts, schools, and teachers to encourage children to achieve successful futures.

Working with 200+ Olympic, Paralympic, university student-athletes, and professional athletes who volunteer as mentors, Classroom Champions has provided more than $10,000,000 in scholarships to Title I, rural, and Indigenous communities across the continent. Students participating in Classroom Champions see significant improvements in the classroom, teachers see improved engagement, and athlete mentors learn new skills to prepare for life after sport. Learn more at:

About dialogEDU

Since 2010, dialogEDU has been changing the way people learn, all around the globe. A trusted partner of several of the world’s most prestigious training and higher education institutions, dialogEDU is .responsive to today’s market needs. dialogEDU is flexible, allowing educational institutions and global corporations to transform the way they educate, do business, and communicate with all their stakeholders.

Corporations, schools, universities, and hospitals today must share information, and digitize traditional learning models. The delivery system must be intuitive, secure, and scalable. dialogEDU offers all the flexibility required today in a multilingual, cloud based, SaaS platform which is supported 24/7, 365 days a year around the world.

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