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Empower Your Students With Cutting-Edge Learning Technology

Digital learning has revolutionized education and training! Whether you are enhancing the limitations of ground classes with digital programs inclusive of multimedia and video conferencing, or delivering a 100% virtual experience to remote learners, dialogEDU delivers an engaging and enriching education, maximizing student outcomes, with its best-in-class learning technology.


Learning is fun in dialogEDU, with interactive tools so content can be designed to bring out the best in young students. dialogEDU includes video conferencing to bring a live classroom experience directly into students’ homes and keeps them on track to meet the goals of the classes inclusive of quizzes and assessments.

The platform allows parents, students and faculty, to maintain communication and accountability digitally. dialogEDU gives students a ‘head start’ in their lifelong learning journey.

K-12 Education
Higher Education

Higher Education

Give your institution a world-class reputation in higher education, using tools like dialogEDU to provide students with a learning environment online and help them thrive in today’s digital environment.

Traditional “book learning” has limitations, and online learning platforms are able to upgrade education with interactive lessons and digital simulations to foster critical thinking and problem solving, leading to a better understanding of course material.

Adult Learners

Better teachers make better students. Having a knowledgeable and well-trained staff is the foundation of any successful educational institution. With dialogEDU, your faculty can stay current in dynamic digital tools, so that they can provide the best education to the students they serve.

Track activity and completions and keep faculty accountable through built-in communication and assessment features in the platform. Using your faculty training portal instructors and teaching faculty can be kept completely separate from the student interface, while maintaining one, simple administrative backend.

Teacher Training

Why is dialogEDU the best choice for formal education?

  • Seamlessly integrate with LTI technology
  • Deliver customized content and communications to students relevant to their specific performance, using dialogEDU’s targeting engine
  • Directly integrates into CRMS and SIS systems for seamless and automated workflows
  • Recognizes and rewards achievements with certificates and badges

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