Enhanced Employee Training and Communication

Onboarding • Skills Training • Leadership / Professional Development


Reduce the time and energy that it takes to onboard a new employee, by creating standardized and self-directed training journeys. Digital content can be created once, then reused repeatedly to teach new hires company culture, policies, best practices, current information and important industry insights. Assessments measure proficiency, and ensure that learners are qualified with the content they have mastered.
Skills Training

Competency and Skills Training

Staff that receive routine online training make fewer mistakes and perform at a higher level, adding to productivity and the bottom line of an organization. dialogEDU delivers a platform with tools needed for staff training that can be inclusive of dynamic multimedia assets to keep learners engaged, and to help in supporting a strong foundation learning environment and retention of the information provided.

Professional Development

Give your team the resources and content they need to navigate career changes, growth and transitions. Employees engaged with interactive training can learn new skills and gain new competencies, which provides personal reward and supports professional growth.

By continuing to challenge, engage, and reward your team, you can build a loyal workforce and foster a culture of excellence.

Teacher Training

Why is dialogEDU the best choice for Corporate Training?

  • Creates unique training experiences
  • Directly integrates into HR systems for seamless and automated workflows
  • Recognizes and rewards achievements with certificates and badges
  • Targets communication according to specific skills, department, or specialty areas
  • Reports training completion for regulatory compliance

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