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dialogEDU offers an intuitive but powerful educational experience that provides a robust and interactive environment for learning.

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dialogEDU is a uniquely valuable learning management system (LMS), specially designed to provide an unprecedented state-of-art online learning platform for Higher Education, Pharmacy, Healthcare and Global Training.

Unique features include:

Targeting and Segmentation

Targeting drives each student to the right content, courses or digital events to segment them for relevant forum discussions that will support their advanced education.

Virtual Student Locker

Students can store every learning experience in a state that helps them stay organized, engaged and motivated as they share their achievements with others through social media.

Simulation Engine

Multi-media rich, case-based simulations are easy to build. This native simulation tool in dialogEDU’s platform takes learning to a whole new level.


Built to grow with you and your institution. Expand dialogEDU to new departments, or choose dialogEDU to be the LMS platform for your entire enterprise.

Built For Engagement

Sophisticated content is often enhanced with multimedia tools and real-time interactive simulations, gamification, and other features that deepen exciting engagement.

CPE Monitor

dialogEDU offers API based integration with the CPE Monitor, an electronic system for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to track their completed continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credits.

dialogEDU hosts a client base worldwide including prestigious names of hospitals, cancer research centers, universities, pharma companies and more.

“The dialogEDU platform allows our college to create a more visually exciting and engaging experience for the student. Navigation is extremely intuitive for students, while presenting is very easy for the faculty. In addition, the faculty enjoys the ease of communicating with students through the user-friendly messaging system.

– Associate Dean

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dialogEDU – A socially collaborative learning management system (LMS). Create robust learner-centric training and education through an intuitive, interactive learning ecosystem.

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