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Leading the global digital-conference revolution

Companies worldwide are moving on-ground events, from hotels and conference centers, to virtual conference halls and meeting rooms.

While online conference environments are historically a concept of events for clients and trade organizations, as of now, the need for virtual meetings are essential for employees throughout an office, across multiple locations and around the world- the digital conference is equally important for companies gathering their workers and leadership together while respecting social distancing and creating unity and team oneness. Online Conference are essential for all group gatherings.

dialogEDU is leading the way, helping organizations across the globe to create dynamic virtual events; without the unsafe travel, expensive airfares or overhead costs of physical venues.

This internationally-acclaimed platform is digitally revolutionizing training, education and now full-scale live events, for health systems, physicians, associations, academic institutions and thought-leaders in all industries.

10 Strategies for Hosting a Successful Virtual Conference

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Virtual Conferencing is:

  • Extremely cost-effective for organizers, attendees and vendors. No travel or lodging costs, and event spaces are a fraction of what they would cost physically.
  • Speakers and attendees can easily join from anywhere in the world, dramatically increasing turnout and qualified customer leads.
  • Meeting spaces can be highly-customized to incorporate speakers, vendors, exhibitors and attendees.
  • Virtual booths give exhibitors a direct channel to interact with attendees.
  • Visual branding and design seamlessly matches the organization’s original look and feel.

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