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dialogEDU is a uniquely valuable learning management system (LMS), specially designed to provide an unprecedented state-of-art online learning platform for Healthcare, corporations and HigherEd. dialogEDU offers an intuitive but powerful educational experience that provides a robust and interactive environment for learning.

Unique features include:

  • Dynamic / personalized learning
  • Powerful simulation engines
  • Easy to design targeted communities
  • Designed to produce outcome-based learning
  • Customizable system with intuitive features
  • Easy to use interface to customize content

dialogEDU hosts a client base worldwide including prestigious names of hospitals, cancer research centers, universities, pharma companies and more.

“The experience in the dialogEDU learning management system provided us with a unique learning opportunity. Standardized content delivery coupled with interactive simulations created an engaging environment, which fostered interaction between participants. The multimedia online learning platform dialogEDU provided pharmacists and other healthcare professionals flexibility to complete the training when time allowed, as well as to continue to use the material as a reference. Pharmacists described the online training through dialogEDU as being dynamic, comprehensive, efficient, and accessible.”

-Vice President of Pharmacy at leading Health Institute

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