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Continuing Education

Learning should be a lifelong process. Through the process of continuing education, professionals hone their skills and maintain the expertise necessary to stay on the cutting edge of their industries. Many professions require CEUs to verify an individual is maintaining a certain level of development and training standards.

With dialogEDU, it’s easy to create, deliver, and report on the completion of CE credits. Using intuitive templates, you can build an extensive library of courses, certificates, CEUs and CMEs, with no prior course design experience. With instant digital delivery, reporting to accrediting agencies can be fully automated.

Continuing education is always in high demand, not only among individual professionals, but among other organizations looking to offer CE credits. dialogEDU’s robust E-Commerce functionality makes it easy to license professional training to third parties, creating new revenue streams for your organization.

Continuing Education
Professional Training

Why is dialogEDU the best choice for professional training and credentialed learning?

  • Automated CE management and reporting
  • Promote CE courses commercially to other organizations, using a powerful E-Commerce marketplace that’s optimized for B2B conversion and sales
  • Create live virtual CE events and seminars, through enhanced video conferencing

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