The dialogEDU team offers a range of professional services, to help you get the most out of your e-learning platform

E-learning Development

dialogEDU’s course development environment is easy-to-use, even without course design knowledge or technical skills.

The digital repository is a smart online library providing organization for all the curriculum components that make up engaging, interactive courses. In the repository, you can create and store the fundamental building blocks of content – ‘Learning Objects’. These include, presentations, documents, videos, quizzes, discussion questions, assignments, SCORM files and more.

Since the repository is centralized, learning objects can be reused and deployed endlessly across all relevant courses and sites, saving time and eliminating duplicate effort.

e-learning development
Instructional Design

Instructional Design

Need help designing the optimal course for your learners?

Our instructional design teams can help you create the course templates or actually build the courses for you that maximizes engagement, gamification and proficiency, helping learners quickly reach their goals.

We can help breathe new life into your old content, adding cutting-edge interactivity, as we enhance the delivery of the online content.

Content Curation

Content Curation

We can help get the most out of your organization’s subject matter experts (SME’s). Working with SMEs, dialogEDU can help transform knowledge into easily-digestible, interactive content to build courses for an institution inclusive of unique material their employees can share.
Content Partnerships

Third-party Content Partnerships

Don’t have time to create course content? Want to leverage proven, high-quality lessons, crafted by world class leaders and educators?

Through our rich network of content and academic partnerships, dialogEDU can source the right content to suit your needs. Hand pick from a library of over 20,000 courses to build a digital library for your learners and/or your employees.

CEU / CME Management

Automated CEU/CME Management

Reporting is seamless and automatic, with instant delivery of transcripts to accrediting agencies such as ACCME JA-PARS, ANCC NARS, and ACPE CPE Monitor.

Combined with dialogEDU’s virtual conferencing capabilities, you can create exciting virtual conferences and events while offering training and professional CEUs and CMEs which can be automatically delivered to the required accrediting agency.

dialogEDU Professional Services

Advisory Service


Our e-learning experts can help you build a cohesive strategy, first by defining clear, results-based learning objectives, then designing courses and delivery to help learners successfully complete proficiency assessments to confirm successful learning outcomes.
Customization Service


Every learner and organization has unique needs, goals and styles. dialogEDU will help you build the right custom learning experience for your enterprise or digital classroom according to the expressed goals.


During implementation you will get up-to-speed as quickly as possible and be able to help your administrators and instructors unlock the full potential of dialogEDU. We will customize your training based on needs, and follow up routinely to make sure you have developed the skills needed to utilize and maximize the potential of this powerful platform.


We believe that an LMS should fit the specific needs of your organization, not the other way around.

dialogEDU’s open API allows for flexibility and customization. The platform easily integrates into many HR and SIS systems, CRMs and telehealth products. We are continually enhancing our API to allow for new applications and integrations, making your infrastructure and processes as streamlined as possible.

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