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Time Management
Project Management

Business Skills Courses

1. Individual Leadership Power

Most incumbents were not born into their leadership roles but learned on the job. This course helps you unlock your potential as a leader to motivate the people around you. It explains the concept of personal leadership power (PLP) and 5 important factors that can help you develop and use yours more effectively. It also addresses 4 barriers that might get in your way, how PLP can help your company, and how to inspire a friend or co-worker to boost their own PLP. The training course takes approximately 50 minutes to complete. It uses a mix of interactive text and audio narration to present information in an engaging way. Pop-up windows with case studies and examples help to clarify key points, and there are 2 quizzes to test your knowledge.

2. Becoming a Great Leader: 08. Motivational Leadership

This course will equip you with the tools you need to generate motivated employees in your workplace through motivational leadership. We’ll cover motivational truths and the Do’s and Don’ts for creating motivation. Learn about the 4 workplace payoffs you can use to motivate, and how to tailor your leadership approach to foster a motivational environment at your organization. The 5-minute narrated video will help you fine-tune your motivational leadership approach. Downloadable student materials and an online quiz come included with your course package. For more expert leadership advice, watch this course with others from the Becoming a Great Leader series.

3. An Effective Leader’s Guide to Time Management

This engaging course provides you with the tools and resources you need to improve your time management skills at work and in everyday life. You will learn how to Identify goals, establish key priorities, and avoid over-committing and over-promising to maintain a professional and competent image. Discover how to improve your productivity using time chunks and downtime. Lastly, you’ll learn how to optimize every minute of your day by using strategies to manage your energy and time robbers. This 30-minute course features real-life scenarios, quizzes and a final test to ensure comprehension of the material.

4. Developing Leadership Style

In this course, you’ll discover the characteristics that make up different styles of leadership and learn how to select the best leadership style for the situation at hand. While the wrong leadership style can break a project, the right leadership style can help improve productivity and ensure teams and management work well together. By the end of this course, you will be able to identify your current leadership style and develop effective leadership styles for any situation. The 30-minute course uses engaging audio narration, quizzes and a final test for a complete learning experience.

5. Building Leadership Capability

Drive your organization’s future success by knowing how to build an effective internal succession plan that continually produces strong leadership candidates. In this course, you will learn the 7 strategies needed to grow your base of up-and-coming leaders. A short self-assessment helps you understand your business’s strengths and shortfalls in this area, and you will learn what it takes to introduce a succession plan that actually works. This 30-minute course is the second module in a 6-part series. It includes a short quiz at the end to test your understanding of the subject matter.

6. Project Management Series: The Basics

This Project Management Series: The Basics course provides an introduction to project management and takes a look at roles, responsibilities and key terminology to get you started. In this module we review the definition of a project and learn what makes it unique in an ongoing operation. You will come away with a clear understanding of the various processes involved in project management and how each contributes to a successful outcome. The project manager role is explained with an overview of responsibilities and skills needed, along with common challenges faced by project managers. The 30-minute course includes narrated video and a self-assessment quiz to help clarify course concepts. A Certificate of Completion is available upon finishing a final test with a score of 80% or higher. Continue your learning by taking additional courses in the Project Management training series.

7. Introduction to Project Management

In Introduction to Project Management, you’ll develop the key skills you need to be a successful project manager no matter the size of your project or type of industry. You’ll learn about the different stages of a project’s life and discover how Gantt charts can help you visualize your project. You will also learn about some of the most common mistakes project managers make and how you can learn from them. This 15-minute course, packed with interactive lessons, walks you through the basics of project management. It features engaging video with audio narration and quizzes throughout to test your knowledge of the subject matter.

8. Handling Difficult People Round 1 – Conflict Management

Conflict is unavoidable, but it is not always a bad thing. This course will teach you how to use conflict as an opportunity to strengthen your workplace relationships. The course starts by explaining how a persuasive approach can be more effective than a forceful one. It then touches on why conflict resolution skills are so essential in the workplace, before outlining 7 steps to help you deal with conflict situations in a healthier, more productive way. The course takes about 10 minutes to 15 minutes to complete. It consists of a series of short videos featuring clear audio narration and engaging slides, with some practice questions and activities along the way. The menu also gives you the option to study the entire course in order, or to simply play individual videos to learn about a specific topic quickly.

9. Create a Conflict Management Culture

Develop a healthy culture of conflict management among your team, one that will strengthen each team member’s ability to manage difficult and challenging situations. In this course, you will learn how to better manage conflicts on your team by creating a conflict management agenda item during your regular team meetings. You’ll be given step-by-step instructions on how to introduce the agenda item, as well as how to structure subsequent conflict management discussions to set them up for successful resolution. By the end of this course, you will know how to create a conflict management culture by involving your team members in the process. This course qualifies as 1 hour of Professional Development Units for certification with the Project Management Institute.

10. Managing Conflict: A Collaborative Approach

Improve your ability to resolve conflicts and facilitate advantageous solutions in the workplace by learning these highly effective conflict management strategies. In this course, we’ll highlight the cost of workplace conflicts, offer preventative measures, and set out when it’s appropriate to intervene. You’ll learn how to promote employee collaboration to reach an equitable, positive outcome, and harness constructive conflict to uncover opportunities and innovation. Finally, we will review when arbitration or mediation may be necessary. The 45-minute course features engaging video, audio narration, exercises, sample scenarios, a glossary, and links to supplementary reading. Once you’ve completed the course, a final test offers a convenient review and self-assessment to ensure your retention of key conflict management concepts.

11. Goal-Setting in the Workplace

Achieve your workplace goals by using the SMART approach to create them and develop an action plan to prioritize and monitor their progress. Designed for employees and managers at all levels in your organization, this course teaches individuals to improve their productivity and job satisfaction by successfully creating and meeting their own goals. In this course, you not only learn the importance of setting goals using the SMART strategy, but how to put together an action plan to stay on track to meet them. This 45-minute course features clear examples and quizzes for an engaging learning experience. A final test allows for easy review and evaluation of the subject matter.

12. Strategies for Achieving Goals

Learn how to accomplish goals in your personal and professional life by following the tactics and strategies outlined in this Strategies for Achieving Goals training course. You’ll learn how to establish goals and pinpoint obstacles that are preventing you from meeting your goals. You’ll discover how to develop and deal with deadlines, how to prioritize your goals, and how to combine them with other goals to further your achievement. You’ll identify ways to create an action plan, to line up support, and how to deal with procrastination and rationalization. The course takes 50 minutes to complete and includes a narrated slideshow with learning activates, and self-assessment quizzes. A Certificate of Completion is available upon successfully finishing the final test with a score of 80% or higher.

13. Productivity & Time Management

Learn the 4 essential pillars to successful time management and discover how you can make the most of your time. Time management is an essential skill for productivity, managing stress and career growth. In this course, you’ll learn practical tips and techniques that you can easily use to gain control over your time, prioritize your tasks and avoid procrastination. This concise 30-minute course uses dynamic illustrations, clear language, and simple quizzes and activities to teach you the fundamentals of time management.

14. Working Well with Everyone: 05. Diversity = Greatness

This course focuses on the value of diversity in the workplace and discusses the tangible advantages that it can bring to an organization. Drawing from current research studies, the course outlines the specific ways that diversity drives success and encourages creativity. You’ll discover how having a team with diverse talents, viewpoints, identities, and backgrounds can actually improve your organization’s bottom line. This 5-minute video course is the final part of our Working Well with Everyone series. It is recommended that you watch each course in order. A downloadable course document and final exam are included.

15. Working Well with Everyone: 02. The Diversity Continuum

Are your employees enthusiastic about embracing people who are different from them, or simply tolerant? This course explains how you can gauge your progress towards a more inclusive workplace. It breaks down employee attitudes towards diversity into 5 clear levels. This simple continuum helps you to objectively assess your own statements and actions, as well as those of your employees. The second of the 5-part Working Well with Everyone series, this course consists of a concise 4-minute video. It offers a quick multiple-choice quiz to test your comprehension and, for easy reference, a downloadable document summarizing key points from the lesson.

16. Working Well with Everyone: 03. The Mistake of Stereotyping

This course discusses stereotyping in business, learn about 2 types of stereotyping and consequences that can ensue when you identify people erroneously. We remind you that nobody, including you, benefits from stereotyping others based on a preconceived notion that probably isn’t true. This is a mini video course on an important subject. It comes complete with a short exam to test your knowledge of the material and a downloadable course summary for future reference.

17. Working Well with Everyone: 04. The Power of Inclusion

Discover the many different benefits that can be enjoyed in the workplace when you foster an inclusive culture for your employees. You’ll learn about the link between inclusion and engagement, what makes an employee feel engaged, and the financial impact of engagement. The 4th part of the Working Well with Everyone series, this course works best when viewed after the previous 3 lessons. It consists of a concise 4-minute video, followed by a short multiple-choice quiz. A downloadable document is included for a quick review of key concepts.

18. Over the Rainbow Customer Service Training

In this course, Martha Roth from Resource Training and Solutions explains how to deliver ‘above and beyond’ customer service to build enduring trust. You will learn to recognize and anticipate consumer expectations and develop an understanding of how verbal and nonverbal communications impacts a customer’s overall perception of the service. Getting customer service right has become more important than ever in our highly competitive and increasingly global marketplace, and this course helps give you the tools you need to get it right. This course features video and audio narration to guide you through the subject matter. The easy-to-navigate menu bar allows you to select your topic, replay points of interest and control the speed at which you learn.

19. Telephone Doctor Customer Service: 10. Business Friendly Customer Service

Business friendly relationships are critical to the success of any organization. This course gets professionals up-to-speed on techniques to improve those critical communications skills and ensure courtesy in business interactions. We’ll go over 6 elements of effective communications as well as 6 inappropriate techniques often used. You’ll learn how to correct poor techniques with business-friendly ones to ensure you are courteous in all your business dealings. Learn practical tips that will help you to deliver friendly yet professional customer service every time. Complete the quiz at the end of the course with a score of 80 percent or higher and receive a certificate of completion.

20. 8 Keys to a More Respectful Workplace: 03. Stop Workplace Harassment

Harassment can turn a workplace into a toxic environment. This course will give you a better understanding of how to identify and put an end to harassment on the job. The short course outlines what harassment means and who is vulnerable to becoming a victim. It gives you tips on what to do when you are being harassed and offers ways to stop it. Workplace harassment affects the entire organization. Even if not everyone is being victimized, the potential negative effects can create an unhealthy situation for all employees. This course shows you what to do when you witness harassment against someone else. It will help you address harassment, provide support to other victims, and help with the overall wellbeing of the workplace. Complete the course quiz with a score of 80 percent or higher and receive a certificate of completion.


Lending Decision Process
Commercial Lending
General Accounting

Finance Courses

1. Analyzing Business Financial Statements and Tax Returns

This curriculum of six courses covers the analysis of business financial statements and tax returns, including cash flow statements.

2. Community Bank Suite – Sales Skills

This suite of courses includes lessons on relationship building and sales planning, with topics including client portfolio management, creating sales portfolios, relationship sales and consultative selling.

3. The Lending Decision Process

This six-part series will give a foundation in the following areas of study: business and industry risk analysis, management assessment, financial accounting, balance sheet and income statement analyses, ratio trend analysis, cash cycle seasonality analysis, borrowing causes and repayment source assessment, cash flow analysis and using financial projections.

4. Fundamentals of Small Business Banking Suite

This suite of two courses explores the characteristics, expectations, and operational needs of small businesses. Explore the different legal structures and business types to better understand your small business clients. Discover the different steps in each type of operating cycle and the stages of a small business’ life cycle. Completing this suite helps develop the key skills needed to create and sustain successful small business relationships. Concise, impactful lessons can be applied on the job immediately.

5. Retirement Products for Small Businesses

Explores advantages to small businesses when offering retirement plans and the five retirement products and their general characteristics to match to specific client business needs. Compares client needs throughout the business life cycle to product characteristics. Introduces a referral process to make effective client referrals to retirement specialists.

6. Understanding Business Borrowers

Learn how to identify and understand business industries and types—and why they borrow money. An introduction to the basic concepts of business financial accounting and entity structures is also covered.

7. Analyzing Financial Statements

A practical introduction to financial statement analysis from the perspective of the commercial loan officer. Gain the skills needed to effectively assess the risks related to a customer—current and prospective—and evaluate possible sources of repayment for the loan.

8. Commercial Lending

Suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about the commercial lending process—the backbone of most banks’ lending portfolios. Learn what goes into making a successful commercial loan and how to manage a customer relationship once the loan is approved.

9. General Accounting

Topics in analyzing source documents, recording business transactions in a journal and posting entries in a ledger. How to prepare a trial balance, gather adjustment data and complete a worksheet are covered, as well as how to prepare financial statements and post-closing entries.

10. Legal Foundations in Banking

Presents the underlying legal structure for conducting the business of banking. This course covers key legal requirements affecting banks and bankers, as well as core language that must be understood to be effective. It provides the critical legal knowledge that every banker should know.


Fire Safety
Electrical Safety
Attitude and Action

Safety Courses

1. OSHA – Electrical Safety

Designed for people who use electricity or work near electrical sources, this course provides you with the knowledge you need to prevent electrical accidents in the workplace or at home. We’ve come to depend on electricity in nearly every aspect of our lives, which is why it’s more important than ever to use safe practices to prevent electrical accidents – which can be fatal – from happening.

2. Fire Safety: Prevention and Procedure

You will learn the common causes of workplace fires and how to identify and remove fire hazards before they escalate. Learn how to use a fire extinguisher to put out small fires, as well as the proper evacuation and safety procedures in the event of a larger fire. You will also learn about the different first aid treatments for fire-related injuries. This 50-minute course includes audio narration, engaging exercises and quizzes to test your understanding of the material. Take the final exam at the end to earn a Certificate of Completion.

3. Safety Attitudes and Actions

This course teaches employees at all levels to develop safety awareness in order to prevent costly accidents and injuries in the workplace. You will learn the importance of developing a safety-conscious attitude, how to identify potential hazards in and around your work environment, and how to prevent accidents by exercising caution. The course also covers tool and electrical safety, as well as situations when personal protective equipment may be required. Lastly, you will learn how to treat various injuries such as electrical shock and burns, and what to include in your first aid kit. This 50-minute course includes an easy-to-navigate menu bar, real-world examples and quizzes to test your understanding of the material. Each section of the course can be printed to post around your workspace.


Gas market Dynamics
Energy Regulation

Utilities Courses

1. Gas Market Dynamics

This course is an introduction to Gas Market Dynamics. Gas Market Dynamics begins with an overview of today’s monopoly and competitive markets found in North America. It also examines the forces that drive supply and demand in gas markets and how they impact prices.

2. Ethical Decision Making for Design and Construction Professionals Webcast

Designers, Planners, Architects, Landscape Architects, and Engineers all need to know about and adhere to established codes of ethics. Then you will protect the public and the environment now as well as in the future. This webcast gives you the history of the events that led to our current attitudes regarding ethical decision making. You will get specific examples of the consequences for making unwise decisions. You’ll also receive instruction in the ethical considerations involved in making good, safe, ethical decisions.

3. Bath Planning: Environmental and Sustainability Considerations

Good design includes planning spaces that are environmentally friendly and healthy for the user. Good design reflects sustainable use of resources. In this course, we will look at important issues of energy efficiency, water quality, waste management, and air quality. We will consider these issues from the choices you, the designer, must make, as well as the impact on your client. This course is a brief review of environmental and sustainability issues affecting bathroom design. If you as the designer, or your client, need further information on these issues, you can contact the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

4. Energized Electrical Equipment Safety

When you complete this lesson, you will recognize the industrial workplace safety authority and be able to describe safe workplace practices.

5. Energy Regulation Fundamentals: Introduction

This course is an introduction to Energy Regulation Fundamentals. Energy Regulation Fundamentals gives a thorough overview of who the energy regulators are, who regulates what on state versus federal levels, and the purpose for energy regulation.


Preventing Misconduct
Responsible Employees

Title IX Courses

1. Preventing Sexual Misconduct for Students

This 30-minute course explains sexual misconduct and the rights of students under Title IX and related laws. It offers practical information for preventing and responding to inappropriate behavior and shows how students can promote a safe and respectful learning environment.

2. Preventing Sexual Misconduct for Faculty and Staff

This course explains sexual misconduct and the rights and responsibilities of faculty and staff under Title IX and related laws. It offers practical information for preventing and responding to inappropriate behavior and promoting a safe and respectful learning environment.

3. Preventing Sexual Misconduct for Faculty and Staff – “Responsible Employee” Edition

This course explains sexual misconduct and the rights and obligations of individuals designated as “responsible employees” under Title IX. It offers practical information for preventing and responding to inappropriate behavior and promoting a safe and respectful learning environment.


Handling Claims
Bloodborne Pathogens

Healthcare Courses

1. HIPAA Awareness Training for Healthcare Provider

Our HIPAA Awareness training course is meant to satisfy the training requirement under HIPAA and provides an emphasis on HIPAA Privacy but with an overview of the other parts of HIPAA such as HIPAA Security as well.

2. HIPAA Security Training

Our HIPAA Security training course is a more in-depth course on HIPAA Security (the IT part of HIPAA) and covers safeguards required to protect the security of protected health information in electronic form (computer data, networks, email, electronic transmissions, etc.). This course is meant as a follow-on course after the Awareness training for the HIPAA compliance officer, IT staff, or anyone else who will be involved in implementing HIPAA Security or who needs a more detailed understanding of HIPAA Security.

3. Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) for Healthcare Professionals

This course provides information needed for safe handling of blood and body fluids in the workplace. It discusses the OSHA Standards for reducing risk of infection and proper protective equipment. You will learn about the viruses and bacteria carried in blood and how various viruses are transmitted from one person to another.

4. Diabetes

A.D.A.M. Health Capsule: Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the body cannot regulate the amount of sugar in the blood.

5. HR for Health Care

The HR training for Healthcare library covers important laws and regulations that HR and HC administrators need to know in order to best manage staff. From healthcare compensation and benefits to handling claims, each course in this library is interactive, engaging, and quick — all sessions are less than 30 minutes. Most sessions include helpful attachments and handouts to increase learning retention, as well as quizzes to keep track of how trainees are doing.

6. Handling Claims in a Healthcare Setting

This training session will help you understand why the most effective way to handle claims is to prevent them. We’ll look at how you can do that, as well as the differences between employment-based claims and insurance claims. We’ll also touch on why it’s important for you, as a healthcare administrator, to be familiar with the laws that protect your facility and your workers.

7. Common Ground Healthcare, Employee Course: 2019 Harassment Prevention

Specifically designed for healthcare organizations, Common Ground is not your typical check-the-box solution for harassment, sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention training. A welcome change of pace for trainers, HR professionals, supervisors, and employees, Common Ground Healthcare is memorable, engaging, and backed up by WILL’s patented, proven-effective learning methodology. Developed in collaboration with Yale New Haven Health, Common Ground Healthcare is everything you need to effectively train your employees. User’s play as a lead characters in a sitcom quality interactive movie, make decisions regarding harassment prevention and response, and see how those decisions play out. This program contains onscreen hosts who guide users through the experience and scenario-based quiz questions ask users to apply core concepts to real-world problems.

8. AdvaMed and Anti-Kickback Policies for Healthcare Professionals

This course covers the business and ethical standards that regulate the dealings between medical technology salespeople and healthcare professionals. It reviews legal activities and those that can be prosecuted. The AdvaMed (Advanced Medical Technology Association) Code of Ethics and the Anti-Kickback Statute are fully explored. You will find out about the types of training and education programs that are acceptable and the criteria for providing grants. This 1-hour course includes video and audio narration that guides you through steps in detail for an easy learning experience. The course includes inline quizzes and activities, a downloadable copy of the AdvaMed Code of Ethics and an exam upon completion.


Word & Excel
Cyber Security

Technology Courses

1. Microsoft Word 2013: Getting Started (Level 1)

Learn about the basic tools and functions in Microsoft Word 2013 and discover how easy it is to create professional documents using this powerful word processing program. In this course, you’ll become familiar with the user interface and learn how to create a document and edit and format text. You’ll also discover how to create and format a table, add a list, insert graphics, modify pages and appearance, proof a document and customize options to save you time and effort.

2. Microsoft Excel 2013: Getting Started (Level 1)

This Microsoft Excel 2013: Getting Started (Level 1) takes you through the fundamentals tools and processes that allow you to create professional and effective spreadsheets.

3. SQL Server 2008

Perfect for beginners, this course provides a comprehensive and easy-to-follow introduction to SQL Server 2008 and the SQL Server Management Studio. First, you’ll learn about the key benefits of SQL Server and discover why you may want to make a transition from Microsoft Access to this environment.

4. Cyber Security Awareness – Global

People, information, operations and systems are critical assets of an organization. Protecting the safety, confidentiality, integrity and availability of these assets is essential to maintaining profitability, compliance, public image and a competitive edge. Cyber security is the responsibility of everyone. This course will explain what the dangers are and what you can do to help. Ideal learners include all employees.

5. Introduction to Database Design

Master the essentials of relational database design with this insightful training course covering the key steps for creating an efficient database that supports long-term growth and functionality. First, the course covers database basics and outlines the fundamentals of the design process. Then, you’ll learn to implement normalization to eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies in your database, including assigning one to one, one to many, and many to many relationships.


Code of Conduct
Data Privacy

Compliance Courses

1. Preventing Discrimination and Harassment (“PDH”) Online

Presented in a familiar news show format, this course is divided into brief, schedule-friendly episodes — and features interactive videos and gamification to enrich the learning experience. It explains the behaviors that are expected of individuals to create a workplace that is free of discrimination, harassment, and bullying. There are versions for Employees and Managers as well as state-compliant versions for California, Connecticut, and New York. In addition to the standard office version, there are industry-specific editions for Hospitality, Restaurants, Industrial/Manufacturing/Construction, and Healthcare organizations, as well as a Municipal version. Most editions are available in English and Spanish and can be delivered in additional languages as requested.

2. PDH – Classroom

Training Fully- Interactive
This course duplicates the complete functionality of the online training course in a classroom setting. It is ideal for a trainer who wants to use the Drag and Drop interactions, Leaderboard, Puzzle, etc. to get the entire class involved in the training.

3. PDH – Classroom Training Toolkit

This toolkit is for a knowledgeable trainer who wants to enhance their training with the use of Interactive Videos, Viewer Mailbags (FAQs) and news stories. The navigation is unlocked so that the trainer can move to any area of the course, at any time, and the narration is removed so that trainers can present the course material in the their own ‘teaching voice.’

4. PDH – Awareness – Self-Running DVD

This self-running DVD version is designed for use in a classroom setting with one or more students. It runs for approximately 20 minutes and builds awareness around issues of harassment, discrimination, and bullying through videos and multimedia news stories. Everything is narrated. There is no need for an in-class instructor. No interaction by the students is required. All that is required is that someone pushes play. Standard play, stop, rewind and forward functions are supported.

5. Code of Conduct

This comprehensive course provides a broad array of compliance topics for clients to choose
from. This course is typically tailored to align with a client’s Code of Conduct. This includes all
the core elements of courses including the news-show format; brief, schedule-friendly episodes; interactive videos; and engagement points. Available episodes include: Anti-Bribery/Anti-Corruption, Anti-Money Laundering, Antitrust, Asset Protection, Confidential Information, Conflicts of Interest, Data Privacy, Diversity, Environmental Stewardship, Fair Dealing, Gifts and Entertainment, Harassment & Bullying, Health and Safety, Information Security, Insider Trading, International Trade Laws, Political Activities, Record Keeping, Social Media, Substance Abuse, Third Party Due Diligence, with new episodes added on a regular basis.

6. Varies Code of Conduct – Essentials

This out-of-the-box Code of Conduct training is ideal for companies that haven’t done this training in the past, do not have an existing Code or do not need the extra material in the Enterprise version.

The course covers a concise range of topics, including: Anti-Bribery/Anti-Corruption, Conflicts of Interest, Gifts and Entertainment, Antitrust, Fair Dealing, Record Keeping, Diversity, Respectful Workplace, Harassment & Bullying, Health and Safety, Asset Protection, Confidential Information, Data Privacy, and Information Security

7. Anti-Corruption & Anti-Bribery

Staying compliant with anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws such as the FCPA and the UK Bribery Act is more than simply memorizing laws – just ask one of the many US companies that have paid tens or hundreds of millions in fines and settlements for FCPA violations. Employees need to understand not just what the laws are, but why they matter, and how to handle the grey-area situations they might encounter in real life that could lead to potential violations.

This course explains the behaviors that are expected of individuals to create a workplace that is free of bribery and corruption. It defines bribery, explains the applicable laws and regulations, and covers concepts such as “anything of value,” dealing with “public officials ” and “facilitation payments.”

8. Data Privacy and Information Security

Information security involves the networks and computer systems that connect us to each other and the outside world. Data privacy refers to the data on those networks, as well as records in paper form, and how we handle them. As technology advances and increases the availability of data, the challenges and threats to firms grow. Threats are generally assumed to be external, but often it is the employees’ lack of awareness and their subsequent actions that leave firms open to security risks. This course discusses a range of data privacy, information security and asset protection concepts including the data privacy elements of: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, CAN-SPAM Act, Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, FCPA, Bank Secrecy Act, USA Patriot Act, and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

HIPAA Ensuring that health and medical records are kept private and secure is a concern of both
industry professionals and private citizens. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, commonly known as HIPAA, sets standards for the protection of individuals’ medical records and other personal health information. This training provides employees with an overview of those standards – and an understanding of how they apply to their job responsibilities and workplace.
The training is available in two versions. HIPAA for Covered Entities is appropriate for businesses such as medical practices, hospitals, dental practices, nursing homes, pharmacies, and health plans. HIPAA for Business Associates is tailored to businesses such as medical device companies, accountants, lawyers, consultants, data processors and others. Both versions cover the essential HIPAA topics, but each was designed to contain practical information and relevant examples that provide learners with an understanding of how HIPAA applies to their types of job responsibilities and workplace.

9. Bloodborne Pathogens

Bloodborne Pathogens are infectious microorganisms contained in blood that can cause disease in humans. People working in virtually any occupation can accidentally be exposed to bloodborne pathogens. This training program was designed to provide employees who do not have “occupational exposure” to bloodborne pathogens with some basic safety information and common-sense rules for handling an unexpected situation. The course covers ways to prevent exposure, procedures to follow after an exposure, and other important guidelines on the subject.

10. Bystander Intervention – Online Training

Bystander intervention training is one of the most effective ways to empower employees to address and prevent harassment and discrimination in the workplace. This course raises awareness of the importance of being an active bystander and provides employees with practical steps for protecting targets of abusive behavior and preventing future misconduct.

11. Workplace Diversity, Inclusion and Sensitivity

Diversity training offers organizations a new way to enhance anti-harassment and discrimination programs and policies, and reinforce the message that respect, diversity and inclusion is a priority. This course explains workplace diversity and provides practical steps to help individuals choose inclusive actions, improve cultural competency and address personal biases. The course further emphasizes the role civility and workplace sensitivity play in promoting a respectful culture.

12. Avoiding Retaliation

Retaliation training is one of several positive steps that organizations can take to prevent workplace discrimination and harassment and reduce the risk of retaliation incidents and claims. This course is intended for employees in supervisory roles, who may deal with complaints of discrimination and harassment. Avoiding Retaliation reinforces the importance of keeping all forms of retaliation out of the workplace and responding promptly and effectively to complaints.

13. The ADA Made Simple

This course details the Americans with Disabilities Act with a full HD video followed by an employee quiz. It’s critical that your managers understand all of the details of this landmark legislation. This course simplifies the law and covers all the aspects that your supervisors need to know.

14. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Find out what the General Data Protection Regulation does, what personal data is, and familiarize yourself with some of the GDPR’s key terms, definitions and scope.

15. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Made Simple

A thorough breakdown of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, this course will ensure that your employees understand the law and avoid violations that result in civil and criminal penalties.

16. Social Engineering (Information Security) Awareness Training for Employee

Even the best information security policies, procedures, or controls are useless if employees are tricked not to follow them. Through ‘social engineering’, cybercriminals aim to do just that. This program explores common social engineering techniques, and the information security awareness training countermeasures to defeat them. It was designed for broad deployment across a sponsoring organization, at a low per-user cost. The techniques covered include surveillance, shoulder surfing, eavesdropping, dumpster diving, phishing, baiting, piggybacking, tailgating, identity theft, and pretexting. Maximize your organization’s investment in information security by empowering and enlisting every employee to help defeat cybercrime!

17. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides individuals with more control over their personal data, including what’s held, how it’s used and when it’s deleted. This module explores how GDPR affects your organization and the procedures you’ll need to follow to ensure compliance.

18. Maintaining A Drug-Free Workplace: Employee Edition

Find out why all employees benefit from a drug-free organization with this online training course covering best practices and common policies for dealing with drug and alcohol abuse on the job. We’ll review the basics of drug and alcohol use laws and outline the many advantages of upholding your company’s drug policy. You will also learn about drug-testing procedures you could be subject to at work. Finally, discover what steps to take if you or a co-worker are struggling with a substance abuse problem. The 45-minute course features interactive presentation materials, audio narration, integrated exercises, sample scenarios, and a final quiz to guide employees through the keys of a drug-free work environment. A resource toolkit comes included, complete with glossary, drug list, and links to organizations that can help those with substance abuse issues.

19. The Legal Aspects of Interviewing

Federal laws define legal and illegal practices concerning all aspects of hiring. This includes the interview process and this course equips you to comply with the rules when talking to candidates. You will learn what information is required to guide your interview questions and this will help you plan every interview in compliance with the federal laws. There are 5 different federal acts that govern the hiring process. Of course, you will also need to check into your state law requirements. We provide examples of illegal and legal questions, so you have a firm grounding in appropriate interview practices. Course completion also counts as 2 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEU), toward HR Certificate Institute (HRCI) accreditation.

20. Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Employees

This course on preventing discrimination and harassment helps explain the importance of having a plan in place to protect you and your colleagues from being victimized in the workplace. You’ll learn about the core Federal discrimination and harassment laws that are enforced by the EEOC. The course covers 4 key subjects: Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Harassment & Bullying, and Positive Environment. Upon completion of this course, you’ll know that all employees can contribute to creating a positive environment by behaving with mutual respect and helping each other retain their dignity. You’ll also learn that it’s your duty to report instances of discrimination or harassment when observed.

21. Handling Conflict: An Employee’s Guide

Recognize the difference between constructive and destructive conflict in the workplace and know how to use collaboration to achieve a win-win solution. This interactive course walks you through the common causes of conflict among employees and teaches you how to turn a negative situation into a constructive process.

22. Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Employee Basics

Protecting confidential information and intellectual property is everyone’s business! This interactive course provides the basic information employees need to understand and protect confidential information and intellectual property as well as copyright basics and gathering competitive information. Topics include understanding confidential and intellectual property, knowing an individual’s responsibility to protect it, and what employees need to know to be successful in the workplace.

23. HIPAA for Healthcare Professionals

Designed for anyone that works in the healthcare sector, this course is designed to ensure proper compliance with regulations and legal requirements associated with handling protected health information (PHI). With the growth of digital technology and the internet, respecting and protecting patient privacy is of the utmost importance to prevent fraud and abuse. In this course, we’ll help you gain a solid understanding of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), learn how HIPPA regulations apply to real-life scenarios, and learn how to implement standard practices within your organization. Focusing on the 5 rules of the Administrative Simplification title within the act, the 20-minute, self-directed learning course includes engaging audio narration, in-line quizzes and a final exam to help you deepen your knowledge and implement best practices from HIPPA.

24. Environmental – Hazardous Waste Management Overview

This lesson is an overview of why hazardous waste management is important, how to handle hazardous waste safely, and how to respond to an unintended release.


Electrical Safety
Basic Electricity
Combustible Dust

Manufacturing Courses

1. Combustible Dust

This course provides a general understanding of the hazards, precautions, and potential consequences associated with combustible dust in the workplace. It will help learners recognize combustible dust hazards at their location and provide good housekeeping practices that will help minimize the likelihood of an explosion in the workplace.

2. Basic Electricity

This module begins with the basic principles of electricity that every technician and electrician need to know. Building on these principles, technicians and electricians will be able to grasp more advanced topics and understand the principles of operation for specific equipment found on the job.

3. Introduction to Lean Concepts

In today’s highly competitive and diverse global economy, it is increasingly important for manufacturing firms to maintain a streamlined production system to stay competitive and relevant. Ford Motors’ assembly line system first redefined production and more recently Toyota has expanded on these fundamentals to become even more competitive than Ford in the automobile manufacturing industry. The process of organizing and controlling the manufacturing processes at each stage along the production line has adapted into what is described today as lean manufacturing, the cornerstone of the competitive manufacturing landscape. This online lean manufacturing training course from Automated Learning Corporation introduces the general concepts to begin or continue the lean manufacturing adoption journey in your organization.

4. Electrical Safety (OSHA)

Roughly 20% of the electricity produced in the United States every year is used to power industrial facilities and equipment. While electricity makes it possible for these facilities to operate, it also poses a very real hazard, with several hundred electricity-related fatalities occurring at the workplace every year. In order to avoid or treat electrical shock, one has to first understand it. This is an OSHA Electrical Safety course.

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