From a learning and education standpoint, do you ever feel as though your organization is being left behind?  While others are benefiting from a more robust learning experience, your institution has stuck with an antiquated learning platform because it’s “what we’re used to” or because it “works well enough.”

Below are 5 indicators that your LMS may need to be brought out of the ice age and into the 21st century with dialogEDU’s innovative learning system:

  1. Courses are boring and flat – consisting of mostly PowerPoint presentations and endless pages of scrolling text

If your classes are so boring that your learners can’t stay awake, you know you have the wrong LMS. Online classes administered through a cutting-edge LMS can provide a dynamic and interactive learning experience. Furthermore, simulation technology, which is native to dialogEDU’s platform, introduces learning that challenges thinking and develops soft-skills—lifelong skills that will serve your learners, both personally and professionally.

  1. Students can’t figure out how to communicate with their professor

Whether it’s a simple messaging system or through social networking, an LMS should facilitate seamless communication between students and their professors and between students and their classmates. If handled correctly, it can be easier than a face-to-face class experience!  Also, messaging tools (such as in dialogEDU) should permit messages to be sent and received, privately, within the platform—where they can be archived for future reference and not get lost in an instructor’s email box.

  1. There is no mention of social networking or connections with your classmates

LMSs without social network integration are a thing of the past. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter should be able to be integrated into the classroom experience as part of the learning and communication methodology, which is fundamental to the learning process. In addition, dialogEDU, affords the ability for learners to engage in community forums.  Discussion threads have typically been limited to course topics inside the course—only between students in a particular class.  In dialogEDU’s forums, learners can have engaging conversations with other professors and students outside of their respective courses.

  1. When a learner logs-in, he/she sees information within their portal that is completely irrelevant to them

Are your learners tired of the information clutter on the portal? Wouldn’t it be great to see information that was specifically targeted to each individual learner…personalization through relevancy!  LMSs should be able to target learner’s information, so it populates information pertinent to that particular learner.

  1. So many logins and passwords to remember! Single Sign-On – what’s that??

Single sign-on is the reality of the present. No learner should have to log-in to each separate technology once inside their learning platform. The LTI compatibility of 3rd party technologies used within your LMS is critical to your users’ experience. All learning should be integrated so that all technologies are accessed without needing further sign-on from the platform. Technology should be smart, right?

If your LMS still operates in the Ice Age, consider changing to dialogEDU. dialogEDU is the next generation learning management solution revolutionizing education and training with its smart technology, native simulations, virtual locker and precise targeting functions. Find out more about dialogEDU today by visiting or email

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