Join us on Thursday, June 4, at 1:30 ET for the dialogEDU Webinar: The Value of A Dynamic, All-In-One Online, Learning, Training and Conferencing Platform

Imagine a deeply immersive virtual-classroom experience, learning alongside fellow students, employees or peers from across the world. Add in an expansive digital library of professional certificates, CEUs or CMEs, to develop the real-world skills to gain a competitive edge. Tap into the social support of active learning communities, filled with lively discussion threads and forums, to build valuable professional relationships for life.

Then take this same dynamic learning and communication framework to build the best-in-class virtual conference system. Combining video conferencing technology with a suite of industry-leading tools, to create vibrant digital conferences and online events just as engaging as traditional on-ground equivalents.

Find out how dialogEDU DOES IT ALL at the Webinar on Thursday, June 4, at 1:30 ET.

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dialogEDU – A socially collaborative learning management system (LMS). Create robust learner-centric training and education through an intuitive, interactive learning ecosystem.

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