In today’s workplace ecosystem, new technologies and skills require employers to provide innovative and cost-effective training for their employees. Online learning can play a meaningful role in providing this type of employee training. Several benefits of leveraging a learning management system (LMS) for employee training are provided below:

1. Agility
According to Nikos Andriotis, “eLearning courses can be updated quickly and easily, and often require little to no time from a live facilitator. This means less time and lower costs for each course presentation.” dialogEDU makes it easy to convert your existing training materials into engaging online content.

2. Features
The ability to target users is paramount as Andriotis states, “make sure that your training content is mobile compatible and easily accessible so that they are able to engage in constant microlearning in a way that’s most relevant to their jobs, their existing skills levels, and their development needs. This kind of tailored accessibility won’t only save employees the time of working through training content that isn’t relevant to them but will reduce the pressure on support staff as well.” dialogEDU provides numerous features to enhance learning and engagement, including, but not limited to, targeting, achievement badges, simulations, certificates, webinars, email campaigns, surveys and forums.

3. Assessment
Make sure the courses you create evaluate employee’s understanding of the material in a measurable way. Andriotis suggests to, “develop assessments in a way that enables instant grading, automated feedback, or moderated peer reviews.” dialogEDU offers these features, as well as several others, including interactive courses, dynamic simulations and quizzes to assess the employee’s comprehension of the training material.

dialogEDU is a uniquely valuable, next generation learning management platform which has been specifically designed to provide an unprecedented, state-of-the-art online learning ecosystem for academic institutions, pharmacy, global training organizations, and hospitals/health systems. Find out more about how dialogEDU can power your training and learning.

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