Speed Grading

Speed grading is a great tool to quickly input grades when there are multiple submissions of an assignment that need to be evaluated. You can view responses, send comments to the student, and then quickly move to the next student’s submission.

Accessing the Speed Grading tool
1. Go to the Application tab
2. Select Courses
3. Click the Overview drop-down menu
4. Click Gradebook
5. Click on a student’s assignment

6. Click “See Full Response” on the top right of the dialog box

Grading an assignment
1. Input the Grade in the Score field
2. Click Grade

Adding a comment
1. Type the comment in the Comment field
2. Upload a file back to the student
3. Click Comment

Deleting a submission
1. Click the Gear Icon drop-down menu
2. Select Delete

Moving to the next student
1. Either click Previous or Next to switch to another submission

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