Let’s get started!

You’ll first go to the enrollment page where the learner is enrolled.

1. Go to Applications
2. Select Courses
3. Click on the Enrollments of the course


1. Find the learner you want to delete
2. Click the Gear Icon drop-down menu
3. Click Delete

You will be asked to confirm the Delete action. Click OK.

To view the Soft Deleted page, change the Enrollment Status filter to Deleted.

This page will only show Soft Deleted learners.

Soft Deleted enrollments can either be “Deleted Forever” or “Undeleted”. Deleting the course enrollment forever will permanently delete all course related data of the deleted student. An archive of the user’s grades and progress will remain accessible until they have been deleted forever. Undeleting a user’s course enrollment will return their enrollment status to “Active”.

NOTE: It is preferred to use the “Block” function if you are trying to temporarily block the learner form accessing the course.

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