The video tutorial demonstrating how to setup the gradebook using percentages can be viewed below. Click the icon to the right of the volume control to view full screen. 

Step by step directions can be found below.

Gradebook Setup

When your gradebook is setup using evaluation groups AND your grades are set to report for percent rather than points, all of the gradable items within each evaluation group will automatically be weighted based on the percent you allocate to each group. Each evaluation group’s percentage when added together, must equal 100%.

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate setting up a gradebook using percentage.

Step 1: Let’s navigate to the Courses area in Applications.

Step 2: Search for your course and click on the course title to enter the course.

Step 3: Click on the down arrow next to overview and select Gradebook.

Step 4: Once in the Gradebook, click on the gear drop-down menu and select Gradebook Settings.

Step 5: Notice the Gradebook Settings on the right hand of the image below. You have the option of using either a point or a percentage grading system. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be selecting and demonstrating how the percentage option works. Remember, whichever you select will apply to the full course.

Step 6: Click SAVE to update the Gradebook settings.

Step 7: Now that we’ve configured the Gradebook settings, let’s navigate over to the Evaluation Groups area

Note: Evaluations are presented in groups with automatic weight creation. For a learning object to be part of the final grade, it must be included in an evaluation group. Evaluation groups allow you to categorize your assessments for grading purposes (e.g. Discussion Posts= 10% of grade, Quizzes= 40% of grade, Assignments= 30% of grade, Final test= 20% of final grade-added together must equal 100%).

The example below demonstrates three evaluation groups: Discussions = 25% of grade, Activities = 50% of grade, and Webinars = 25% of grade and their weight towards the total amount of 100% for the course.

Step 8: Now, let’s go to the Evaluations tab and assign our evaluations to our groups. Watch the video to see how this is done.

Your Gradebook will show the percentage amount allotted for each evaluation group.

Learners will be able to view the allotted percentage amount for each evaluation group on the frontend.

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