Notification Templates

Let’s Begin!
1. Navigate over to the backend of the platform.

2. Click on Tools
3. Select Notifications

4. From the Notifications page, click on the word Notifications in blue to trigger the drop-down menu.
5. Select Notification Templates

6. Notice that by default, you have a Generic Notification template
7. Click on the gear-icon and select Edit

8. You can use the Generic Notification template as a guide on what your templates should

9. Customize a template using the Editor. Add your institution’s logo. Change the background color in the HTML.

a. You may decide that you want to use a different template for each of the notification types, in which case you can create a new notification.

Tip: If you would like to re-create the generic notification template, you can simply recreate the template via copying the HTML code from the generic email into the new notification template and makes changes as needed.

Below is an example of a modified generic template.

10. Once you have finished your template, click Save.
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