Essential Tips and Tricks: MY LOCKER

The “My Locker” feature in the dialogEDU platform is a personalized area in which users can find aspects about the LMS that pertain to them. My Locker displays courses in which learners are enrolled, forums in which they participate, scheduled events, badges that they have achieved, and certificates that they have earned.

Customize the view of My Locker in the Layout section by going to Customize, Layout, and select “ME” by clicking on the down arrow next to Layout. In the screen shot above, you’ll notice that the location of the content in My Locker on the student view matches the location of the widgets on the back-end layout shown below.

Add widgets and place them within the layout grid. Then, select the corresponding category to call in appropriate content to the widget. (The content that populate these widgets is created in Applications, Content). Some popular widgets used for the My Locker page include: Courses | Forums | Course Resources | Events | Certificates | Achievements | Requests

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