LTI Compliance – 3rd Party Applications Enhance the Learning Experience

dialogEDU is LTI Compliant, meaning that if you have a licensing agreement with an application provider, your learners can seamlessly (single sign-on) connect with it inside our LMS. Some popular applications that integrate into the platform include: TurnItIn, Zoom, and Voice Thread.

The video tutorial demonstrating how to set up events on your homepage can be viewed below. Click the icon to the right of the volume control to view full screen. 


Step by step directions can be found below.

LTI Admin Panel
You can access the LTI Tool Providers page at the Account level in the Settings Menu, by clicking, Integration and then, LTI. You can add a new provider by clicking on the orange button on the right side of the page (“Add Tool Provider”). In the sample below, you will observe the various different vendors with LTI capabilities.

External Tool configuration
Configuring the External Tool is relatively simple. Complete the required fields and SAVE your input. You will need to have the provider’s Consumer Key and their Consumer Secret (a code). Finally, you will need to input the LAUNCH URL to properly implement the tool.

New Learning Object Type in the Repository
To implement the external tool within a course, you would set it up as a new learning object in the repository. In the Learning Object drop down, you will now observe a new type: “External Tool,” shown by an icon of a box with an arrow pointing out of the box to the right.

Course level setting (if required)
If you are using an external tool that has specific and unique information from one class to another, (like a web-based meeting tool such as Zoom), you will be able to configure its settings at the course level once the learning object has been placed in the course outline.

Learner’s view of the external tool
The learner will see the external tool (recognizable by its icon), within the course outline (or syllabus) page. When a student clicks on the external tool, he or she will be taken directly into the vendor’s product, where it is immediately ready for use. The screen shot below demonstrates that Net Tutor was clicked and renders inside the course.

Required Permissions
At the account level (highest), administrators must be granted permission on all four of these parameters (below) to be able to configure and integrate LTI compatible vendor products.

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