Leverage your list of Unconfirmed RSVPs to communicate to your learners

Part 1: Create an Event RSVP Target

1. Visit our ETT on Event creation here.

Part 2: Create Unconfirmed RSVP Target

1. Start in the backend of your institution’s site
2. Go to People
3. Select Targets
4. Click +New Target
5. Name and Describe your Target
6. Click Save to finish

7. Click on the Add a Filter tab

8. Click on the Events and select RSVP Filter

9. Select the Event title and select the Confirmation type. For this purpose, we will select Unconfirmed.
10. Click Save on the bottom left-hand corner to finish

Part 3: Create Reminder Email Campaign

1. Start in the backend of your institution’s site
2. Go to Tools
3. Select Email
4. Click +New Campaign
5. Fill in the required information for your campaign

a. Notice that a Template is selected.

Note: You can create templates in the Templates section accessed from the Email Marketing page using the blue Campaigns drop-down menu and selecting Templates.

b. You will want to make sure that your Email contains a direct link to your institution’s site and instructions on how to access the Event and RSVP for the event.

6. Click Save and Continue to finish

7. Proceed to Send your email campaign.

a. Click on Begin

b. Click Send

Step 3: Wait for the RSVPs to roll in
As learners login and RSVP for your event, they will become removed automatically from the target.

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