Import Error Report Feature in User Management CSV Import Tool

In this tutorial, we will be using a .CSV file with faulty data (see below), so that we can generate an Import Error Report.

To upload the file:

1. Navigate to the back-end of your institution’s site
2. Click People
3. Select Management
4. Click +File to select the file
5. Click Upload

Notice that if your column headers and custom attributes are setup correctly, the Mapping Options inside the Import tool will be automatically generated with the correct selection.

6. Click Begin Import
After uploading the file, you will notice that the number next to Failed registers, is now clickable. Click on the number to generate Import Error Report.

The Import Error Report will download within your browser.

The Import Error Report will provide an additional column that includes a description of the error relating to the Failed Register.

Highlighted below, is the error. The error column, G reads “Email is invalid”. In column C, you will notice that the “@” sign is missing.

Using the Import Error Report as a guide, you will be able to original file and re-upload.

Notice that the fix has now been made to the original file, see below.

Now that the file has been updated, the import will be successful.

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