How to Set a Quiz to Multiple Attempts

In this week’s tip, we will demonstrate how to define the number of allowed attempts that a quiz content item is set to.
Let’s Begin!
1. Go to the backend of your site
2. Select Applications

Step 3. Click Courses

Step 4: Under the Actions column

Step 5: Click on the Gear icon (select Edit)

6. Identify the quiz from the list (will have icon to the left of the title)
7. To the right in the Properties tab, check the box for Multiple Attempts
8. Type in the number of attempts that you want to grant to your learners

Step 9. Click Save

The number of allowed attempts will be displayed on the front-end of the quiz content item, see below.

The video tutorial demonstrating How to Set a Quiz to Multiple Attempts can be viewed below. Click the icon to the right of the volume control to view full screen. 

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