dialogEDU’s “Surveys” feature is an effective tool used to gather feedback from learners at various stages in their learning paths and allows for the data to be used in actionable follow-through to improve learner engagement and success.

Step 1: Navigate to the backend of your institution’s site.
Step 2: Click on the Tools menu and select Forms.

Step 3: Select the +NEW DATA FORM button.

Step 4: Fill out the following fields and click Save and Continue.

IMPORTANT: When you select, “Automatically ask the form to the audience,” your users will be presented with the survey upon login. Once they submit the form, they will be able to continue to their site.

Step 5: Make Note of the field options on the right-hand panel to customize your form.

Step 6: Once your form is ready, click Save on the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

Step 7: Navigate to the frontend of your institution’s site. Your Form (Survey) will render like the image shown below.

IMPORTANT: You also have the option to place your form (survey) inside of a course. Watch the video below, to learn how to place your survey inside of a course.

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