How to Copy a Form From One Site To Another

This tutorial will demonstrate how to copy a Form from one site to another within your cloud or account. The example being used will be the End of Course Evaluation, which currently exists in the My Healthcare site and will be copied into the My University site.

Let’s Begin!

Step 1: Go to the backend of your institution’s site.

Step 2: Click on the Tools tab and select Forms.
Step 3: In the Actions column, select the gear icon to trigger the drop-down menu and click on Copy.

Step 4: The Copy Form dialog box will allow you to edit the name of the copy and select a site for it to be copied into.

Note: If you decide to keep the current name of the Form, your copy’s name will reflect Copy of followed by the name of the original before it was copied- you will however be able to edit the name after it has been copied along with questions in the form and the settings tied to the Form.

Step 5: After you have edited the name of the copy and selected a site, click Copy.

Once the Form has been copied, you will see this message below noting that your copy was successful.

Step 6: Go into the site that you have copied the Form into and navigate to the Forms page to view your new copy.


  • Analysis and Submission data will NOT copy over to the new Form.
  • A new permission has been introduced for users to be able to copy Forms across sites within the same
    cloud. If the permission is granted to the User’s Role, they will be able to access and use the Copy
    feature. NOTE: In order to have the copy functionality from your site of origin, you must have BOTH the
    EDIT A FORM and COPY A FORM permissions. In the target site, (to where the copy will go), a user must
    have at least the EDIT A FORM permission, (which is the higher of the two permissions).

The video tutorial demonstrating how to copy a Form from one site to another within your cloud can be viewed below. Click the icon to the right of the volume control to view full screen. 

Step by step directions can be found below.

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