Making Content Global

When creating or editing your content, you will see a checkbox labelled “Allow sharing across sites”

​When you check that box, more options will appear related to sharing the content. There will be a text box to select specific sites that the content will be shared with and another checkbox labelled “All Sites” to share with every site.

If you no longer wish to share the content with a site, simply navigate to the edit content page and remove the site by clicking the X next to the site’s name.

Identifying Global Content

On the content page in dialogEDU you will be able to identify whether a content item is Global or Local by the tag under that location column.

Roles and Permissions

The feature is permission driven so that non-grant Administrators can also manage the Content sharing function if they were provided with the relevant permission. Privileged Users or the Administrators will have full control over the sites that should include the Content item. An ‘All Sites’ option makes it easy to apply the sharing across all sites.

The permission required to allow sharing Content across sites is as follows.

NOTE: Whichever site the content was created in originally will be the master copy. You can edit the content in any site after it’s been shared, but if you un-share the content it will live in the original site.

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