Global or Account Categories complement to Global Content and the multi-site Course Copy functionality and will improve administrative efficiencies associated with multi-site deployments. This means Targets, Content, and Courses can now easily be deployed at a much larger scale than what was previously practical.

Note: Global categories can only be created at the account.

Global Categories and sub-categories are set up and managed in the same way as the existing Categories feature that was available at the Site level in previous versions.

The feature is permission driven so that non-grant Administrators can also manage the Account Category function if they were provided with the relevant permission. The permission required to Create and Manage Global (Account) Categories across sites is as follows.

How can I tell if a category is Global?

At the site level on the categories page there will be a location column that will read either Local or Global.

When created a course or content you have a categories drop-down menu. Local categories will be designated with an “L” and Global with a “G”.

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