Options for Setting Up Evaluations

For a graded learning object to be part of the final grade, it must be included in an evaluation group. Evaluations presented in groupings can have be weighted. Evaluation groups allow you to categorize your assessments for grading purposes (e.g. Discussions= 10% of grade, Quizzes= 40% of grade, Assignments= 30% of grade, Final test= 20% of final grade-added together, they must equal 100%). See below to learn how to create evaluation groups.

The video tutorial demonstrating options for setting up evaluations can be viewed to the right. Click the icon to the right of the volume control to view full screen. 


Step by step directions can be found below.

NOTE: If you wish for all your graded assignments (including quizzes) to be grouped chronologically by the way they are presented inside the course, then simply create them all in one evaluation group. Follow the steps below to create an Evaluation Group.

Step 1:
Select Courses from the Applications menu, select the Course.

Step 2:
Select your course, for which you will build an Evaluation Group, click the down arrow next to overview and select Gradebook.

Step 3:
Notice, that the image below illustrates a gradebook that does not have any Evaluation Groups set up. From the Gradebook, click on the gear icon at the top right of your screen and select Evaluation Groups.

You can have one evaluation group or many groups depending on your course structure. All the evaluation groups together must total 100% (the weights are automatically calculated within the group). The evaluation groups can include quizzes/tests, assignments, fixed assessments and simulations.

Step 4:
Click on the New Evaluation Group button to create a new group, in the Properties tab, give Your Group a Title, Description and Percentage of total grade. Remember all groups combined MUST total 100%.
The Total percent button will remain red and will not allow you to complete your save until you are at a Total percent: 100%.

Step 5:
Click Save to establish your new group.

Step 6:
Now, you begin selecting from the Evaluations tab. Available assessments that are not part of a group will be in this list.

Click and drag the assessment from the list on the right into the new group (on the left) or you can click on the + sign next to the assessment you want to add to the group. It will automatically jump to the left side. Watch the animation to see how it is done.

NOTE: Assessments that you do not want to be configured into the grading schemata extra credits or pre/post tests should not be pulled into an evaluation group. They will remain in the “unassigned” category. The total points for the group will be determined as (points earned/total points available) x group total weight. The sum of the weighted percentage for all of the Evaluation Groups will determine the total percentage.

Step 7: Navigate back to the gradebook to view your evaluation groups.

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