How to Create a Target Group Using the Email Filter

Create an Excel spreadsheet with a list of the user emails for the users that will go into the target. This file does not need to contain any headers. See below for an example.

Save the file as a Text (tab delimited) file

Go to the backend of your site, go to People > Targets, Click on +NEW TARGET

Title and write a description for your target. The description is not required.

Click on User Email Filter

Click on +File

Now search for the file you created in Step 1 and click Upload

Once your file has been successfully uploaded, the title of the file will be displayed as shown below:

Click Save, Go back to the Targets page to view your newly created target

NOTE: When adding users to a target, please be aware that it may take a few minutes to populate. Once the target is populated, you will see a number in blue (a link).

Click on the link to view a page illustrating all the people in the target (see below).

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