dialogEDU Role Functionality

Role creation is managed at the Account level. Role assignment can be completed at both the account and site level. The role of “learner” is automatically assigned to all users in dialogEDU upon creating the user as an entity in the platform.

Roles should be created first, before users are uploaded. This makes it easier to associate a role once a person is created in the system. The list of permissions is extensive, and it covers all aspects of managing functions inside the platform. Think about the appropriate levels of permission for each of the users in your platform (such as grant administrators, Content Developers/Instructional developers, I.T., etc.). The best practice is to review all the possible permissions and then based on what you want users to be able to see and do; customize that role.

Please note that not all suggested permissions below may be applicable to the specific person with the role at your institution, these are just suggestions. Suggested permission lists can certainly be altered to best fit the person with the role at your institution upon creation.

Let’s Begin!

Grant Administrator Access

The Grant Administrator Access role is designed specifically for Super Admins at the institution. Chances are if you received the email in which this handy tip & trick was contained, then you are an individual with the Grant Administrator role at your institution.

This role provides the highest possible access to all features within your site. You can assign the Grant Administrator role to other individuals at your institution, but please do so cautiously as the Grant Administrator allows a person with it to do anything from delete a course to changing the language of your site. The Grant Administrator role is created by default and can be assigned to someone at the Account level within the Users tab.

Content Developers/Instructional Designers

Content Developers/Instructional developers will be touching a few key areas within the platform. Most commonly, they will be given permissions within the Content and the Courses areas. Both areas can be found under the Applications tab. The first, Content, is where content that lives outside of your course will be created. For example, the Homepage, My Locker, Custom Layout pages, etc. The Courses area is where course shells are built as well as the Repository, where Learning Objects or Course Content is created. Content Developers/Instructional developers should also have access to other areas like Notifications, Certificate Templates, or in some cases, Email Campaign Templates.

Some common permissions that you might assign to a Content Developers/Instructional developer might include:

Course Facilitator (Teacher)/Managers

Course Facilitators (Teachers)/Managers will most commonly be touching the Courses area. The Courses area contains everything that a course facilitator/manager would need access to including the gradebook, discussion management, and student/teacher messaging, just to name a few.

Some common permissions that you might assign to a Facilitator (Teacher)/Manager could include:

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