Delete Permissions

If you’ve ever created roles in dialogEDU, you’ll notice there are many options to control which permissions are allowed. You want to be especially careful when you allow delete permissions.

“Delete” is an option for most features like targeting, survey’s, forms, achievements, courses, enrollments, etc. Once an administrator or faculty member deletes an object, it’s gone! We have run into scenarios where a faculty member inadvertently deleted a student from a course and all of their progress was lost. Even worse, we had a scenario where an administrator inadvertently deleted an active course which subsequently deleted all of the students enrolled in that course!! dialogEDU gives you warning messages, but they’re not always read. You have to also be careful if you are deleting students/courses programmatically via the API.

Take a proactive approach to managing this process. If you don’t have roles set up, create roles by going to the account level of your environment and click on Roles.

To avoid the inadvertent deletion of learners/students, you would remove that option from the role under the following sections: Courses & Enrollments.

Should you have any additional questions or need support setting up roles, email

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