Customizing Certificates

Let’s Begin!
1. Navigate to the backend of your institution’s site

2. Click Applications and select Courses

3. Click on the blue Courses drop-down menu and select Certificate Templates

4. Click +New Template

5. Use the WYSIWYG editing tool to customize your certificate template. Use the insert image tool to add your institution’s logo.

6. Allowed attributes – allowed attributes function to generate the learner’s information. At a minimum, you will want to include the allowed attributes for name, course name, and date.

Name {%name} | Course name {%course_name} | Date earned {%earned_at}

To use the allowed attributes:

a. Select and Copy the attribute onto your clipboard

b. Paste the attribute into the editor

7. When you are finished, remember to click Save

8. To preview your certificate, click on the gear icon on the bottom left hand corner of your template and select Open as PDF.

9. Your finished certificate.

Looking for a more intricate design configuration?

dialogEDU’s professional services team offers customized single certificates or certificate packages.

Please contact professional services at or 561-340-4235 for more information.

See examples of the customization’s that professional services can provide below.

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