Create and Manage Discount Coupons

Let’s Begin!

Part I
Create a Discount Coupon

Navigate to the backend of your institution’s site

Click on Tools and select Discounts

Click +New Discount

Give your Discount a name and create a unique code. Define a timeframe (start and end) for the discount code to be active. Note that once a discount has reached its expiration date, it will automatically become inactive.

To finish, click Save

Part II
Tie your discount to a course.
Navigate to the course edit page, otherwise known as the “Edit Syllabus” page.
Click Applications, select Courses. Identify your course, under the Actions column, click the gear icon dropdown menu and select Edit.

Once inside of the Edit Syllabus page, select the Edit tab

Begin by defining a price for the course, if one has not already been set. The ability to apply a Discount to the course purchase, will only display once a value greater than 0 has been entered.

To apply your coupon to this course, check the Allow Discounts box. Click Save to finish.

Now that you have created the discount and enabled it inside of the course, let’s take a look at the enduser view.

On the Courses page, a Buy button will show beneath the title of the course.

The user will be taken to the payment gateway page, where they will be prompted to enter the unique discount coupon code and card information.

Upon entering the unique discount coupon code, the total will automatically re-adjust.

The Discount amount will show in the users’ receipt.

The video tutorial demonstrating how to Create and Manage Discount Coupons can be viewed below. Click the icon to the right of the volume control to view full screen. 

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