Create a New Notification and Manage Existing Ones

Let’s Begin!
1. Navigate over to the backend of the platform.

2. Click on Tools
3. Select Notifications

4. Click on +New Notification

5. You will have the following options when creating/editing a notification:
Name, select an Event, Recipients, Subject line, and select a template for the notification.

Events – an event consists of an action that will trigger a notification.

Note: that each type of notification event has it’s own custom allowed attributes available

Course level notifications
– Enrolled by an Admin
– New Course Resource Added
– Auto enrollment
– Self enrollment
– Course Completion (100% progress)

Certificate notifications
– Granted by Admin
– Removed by Admin
– Certification Auto-earned

Announcement notifications
– New Announcements

Assignment notifications
– Assignment Submitted

Discussion notifications
– Discussion initial response
– Discussion reply

Recipient(s) Options
Teachers – Teachers enrolled in the course
All Students – All students enrolled in the course
Related User – The individual who completed the action. For example, this could be the user who initiated/responded a discussion or submitted an assignment

You will want to choose a captivating subject line for your recipient. For example: Your instructor has posted a NEW Announcement!

Select an existing template to apply to the notification or create a new one in the WYSIWYG editor from scratch.

6. When you are finished, click Save.

Once you have finished creating your new notification, it will be automatically applied to ALL courses for your site.

See below for an example of what the notification will look like once received.

Managing Notifications
Manage your notifications from the Notifications page. Disable notifications until you are ready to use them, edit existing notifications or delete notifications by clicking on the gear-icon under the Actions column from the Notifications page.

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