Course Surveys

Surveys are an important tool to gather valuable feedback to understand learner experiences and permits administrators to take action to improve engagement and outcomes. The existing Form creation and design framework in the dialogEDU platform has been leveraged to allow the creation of custom Surveys that can be added to course structures via Learning Objects. Surveys are non-gradable and can be used as many times as needed in the same or different courses. The Survey results are completely anonymous and should be communicated to learners as such, in order to encourage participation and candid feedback.

In order to create and manage surveys, one needs to have the necessary (mandatory) permissions. To enable users to access the survey tool a new set of permissions were created. Check to ensure that the following permissions have been set:

The process of creating the Survey begins at the Site level and in the Tools > Forms > Data Forms Menu

Create custom surveys, modify or delete them based on your permissions.

The 2nd part of the survey creation process involves selecting a new option in the Learning Object repository, called Survey. Use this to build out the surveys you need in the context of the courses in your site.

The next step is to associate the form you created earlier in the form editor, to the Survey Learning Object

Add your Survey Learning Object into any course unit(s). No limit!

Based on permissions, you can access the Survey dashboard from Tools and then export the Survey results in a CSV format.

The Survey results data is completely anonymous and you can pick the data you want to analyze.

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