Course Filter Notifications

New to our 9.3 release is the ability for administrators to set up course specific notifications. Now, instead of creating generic notifications that apply to ALL Courses in the Site, the administrator can select individual courses for providing for more flexibility. This allows administrator control (as needed) for a more effective notification strategy.

Let’s Begin!

1. Navigate to the backend of your institution’s site

2. Click Tools on the left-hand navigation bar and select Notifications
3. Click on +New Notifications
Notice that a Courses selection field has now been made available
4. To select a specific course, simply click inside of the white text box to view the drop-down menu of courses

You can select more than one course at a time to receive the notifications. Remember that once you create the notification, you can go back and edit any of these settings, including selected courses.

5. Click Save to finish

Notification Management & Filters
Looking to enable, disable, or delete notifications? You can now filter your notifications list by Recipient(s), Courses, Event, and Status.

Enable, Disable, or Delete notifications individually or in bulk by using the selection feature.

Simply, select the notification(s) and click on either the two Actions drop-down menus to apply the action, shown below.

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