Course Enrollments

Note: The ability to drive enrollments and course results via API is available. Grades or learning outcome can post-back from dialogEDU to your SIS/HRIS.

If your institution currently uses a Student Information System (SIS), Human Resource Information System (HRIS) or Talent Management System and your institution is not integrated with dialogEDU’s API, but would like to for the purpose of automated enrollments, please contact Professional Services at

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There are several methods for how learners can be added to a course:
• Self-enrollment (learner is responsible for enrolling themselves)
• Manually Add Enrollments (administrator)
• Automatic Course Enrollment by Enabled Targets

Self-enrollment (if enabled in course settings) allows students/learners to “self-enroll” into a course. Once they self-enroll, all of the content unlocks and learners will have full access to the course. See the screen shot below.

When the course is established with the characteristic “Allow self-enrollment,” it means that the course is open for learners to access without any intervention from an administrator. You can find this option in the Course Edit tab. However, learners will need to be directed to the site in order to be able to login and self-enroll.

Leave this box unchecked to disable the “allow self-enrollment” option. Click Save.
Student view of the ENROLL tab (appears because allow self-enrollment was selected from course edit page)

Another enrollment option includes the ability to assign students to a course manually or by using targets or achievements through Add People.

This permits you to enroll in batches of students via their target. This will bring you to a full listing of all active members of the site from which you can select certain people for enrollment.

Target Filter
Create target (label the target by the course title). You will now be able to select the target group from the Targets drop-down menu in the Add People area.

Achievements Filter
Enroll users who earned a badge for a basic version of a course into the advanced version of said course using the achievements filter.

Profile Filter
Enroll Members into the course as either Students or Teachers.

Select All
Use the selector tool to select all users at once “All In This Page” OR “Deselect All” at once.

Automatic Course Enrollment

As an alternative to manually selecting a target group from the Add People to enroll users, you can enroll users automatically using one or more targets. The Targeting framework ensures that when a user qualifies (meets a set of criteria) for a target, they get automatically enrolled.

Scroll down on the Edit tab inside of the course to Enable targets.

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