Note: When blocking a learner from a course, they will be unable to access all course attributes including announcements, messaging, and course resources. However, if the student has earned a certificate prior to being blocked from a course, they can print the certificate both within the course and in the My Locker area.

Let’s get started!

1. At the administrator side at the Site level
2. Go to Applications
3. Select Courses
4. Click on the Enrollments for the appropriate course

5. Click the Gear Icon drop-down of the student you’re blocking
6. Select Block

Bulk Action Block/Unblock

You will also be able to Block/Unblock users in bulk by using the multi-select or “All” feature.

Filtering Enrollment Status

The “Enrollment Status” filter can be used in the Participation Report, the Gradebook, Enrollments page, and the Course Certificates area. This filter will allow admins to filter the page by All, Active, or Blocked. The filter will be defaulted to “Active”.

Enrollment Status Column

This column shows the current enrollment status for each student. Students will either be Active in the course or Blocked form the course.

Block Courses Front-end View

The Courses page will indicate that a course has been blocked with the word “Blocked” under the progress bar. (The student will not lose progress, or any certificates earned, but will be unable to continue the course until they have been unblocked)

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