Automatic Column Mapping for the User Management CSV Import Tool

This week’s Essential Tip and Trick will demonstrate how to setup auto column mapping when using Custom Attributes, for the User Management CSV Import tool. Released in dialogEDU’s 9.4.1 update, the Management tool now has the capability to autofill mapping options with custom column headers

Step 1: Create Custom Attributes

In order for your Custom Attributes to be recognized by the system to autofill in the People Management Import tool, you will need to ensure that the columns headers used in your .CSV file match exactly with the Label (title) used when creating the Custom Attribute.

In the example shown below, if your Custom Attributes are Labeled (titled) as Job Title and Department, the .CSV file must contain the same exact text in the respective column headers.

To learn more about Custom Attributes creation, check out Tips and Tricks- Best Practice for Initial User Creation with Custom Attributes link ->

Note: Be sure to review your Custom Attribute and .CSV file column headers for blank spaces, a blank space will affect the automapping.

Step 2: .CSV File User Creation Template

Notice that the Custom Attributes used as column headers E and F resemble the exact labeling convention as the Custom Attributes in the platform.

Step 3: Importing Your File

Upon landing in the Data Import page, your columns will be mapped automatically.

Note: If you find that after uploading your file, that one of the Mapping Option says Don’t Import this Field, be sure to go back and review your Custom Attributes and Column Headers for the Custom Attributes in your .CSV file.

Stay tuned! Next week, we will be reviewing a couple of more enhancements made to the People Management CSV Import tool.

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