In this tutorial we will demonstrate how to assign support requests to your staff by type.

Step 1: Let’s navigate over to the site level and go to Settings.
a. Go to Applications
b. Click on “configure

Step 2: On the General Tab, click the down arrow below: “Assign new request by default to,” and select the user you want to receive all new requests. This person will get all new requests.

Note: In order to have a member of your staff appear on this drop-down menu, they must be assigned the Support role at the cloud level in their User profile.

Step 3: Setup Support Request viewing and suggestion options. Allow faculty/administrators to only see their assigned requests by selecting “Show only request assigned to each user (by default, all requests are visible to everyone)”. Also, allow auto-suggest topics to populate from forums when creating new requests.

Step 4: Setup Request types in the Request types tab to categorize support requests.

a. To create a Request type simply, type in the Name for the type of support request and click add.

Step 5: Now, you can assign user requests to specific individuals based upon user targets in the Target Assignments tab by type of request.

a. Click the down arrow in the “Assigned” box to select the individual who will be assigned to requests for this target
b. Type in the appropriate Target (box will auto-populate with created targets).
c. Select a Request Type from the drop-down menu which is populated by the types of requests that you created.
d. Click Add

Step 6: The user assigned will receive Email notifications when a new request is created or a request is reassigned. This is now automatic.

a. Both Back-end users (Administrators/Faculty) and Front-end users will get e-mail notifications when they receive communications in My Requests.
b. If you assign a request to another user, they will receive an e-mail notification.

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