Create Users in dialogEDU and Assign them to a Single Target Group in Bulk

dialogEDU’s management tool allows you to create users and direct them into a single existing target at the same time. This week’s essential tip and trick shows you how to efficiently create new users and assign them to a target group during the .CSV file import process.

Step 1: First, you will need a to create an Excel spreadsheet with the following fields and save as type CSV (Comma Delimited) file.
• Email
• First_name
• Last_name
• Department (optional)
• Password

Step 2: Create your target group.

a. Go to the backend of the platform for your institution
b. Click on People
c. Select Targets
d. Click +NEW TARGET

e. Fill in the required fields
f. Click Save and Continue

Step 3: Upload the file into the management area.

a. Click People
b. Select Management
c. Click + File, select your file
d. Click Upload

Step 4: Data import mapping

a. Map each column to its mapping option from the drop-down menu
b. Check the box “Activate user account
c. Check the box “Add to Target
d. Select your target group from the drop-down menu
e. Click Save

Step 5: Review your target group

a. Go to People
b. Click on Targets
c. Click the title of the target to view those inside of the target group

Notice that all of the users from your .CSV file are now inside of the target. They were created inside of the People Filter.

On this page, you will have the ability to manually delete people from the target or add additional users to your target group that already exist in the system.

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