Anonymous Form (survey) Submissions

Your institution might decide that it wants to collect feedback from de-identified users. For example,
your institution may want to set up an End of Course Evaluation Form (survey) to capture teacher/facilitator performance.

Let’s Begin!

1. Go to the backend of your institution’s site.

2. Click on the Tools tab and select Forms.
3. Click on +NEW DATA FORM

Notice that there is a NEW box to make the Form (survey) anonymous.

Note: This step at which you create the Form is the only time that you can set a Form to be anonymous. You will not be able to update this preference after the Form has been created.

This example illustrates that the End of Course Evaluation Form will be able to be answered by users anonymously as indicated by the check mark inside of the box next to Anonymous.

4. Click Save and Continue

5. After you have created the questions for your Form, click Save and then navigate to the Tools menu and select Forms.

6. Click on the gear icon and select View to see what your anonymous Form will look like on the frontend.

Note: Users will see that the Form is anonymous as indicated by the text on the top right-hand corner of the Form.

The video tutorial demonstrating how to create Anonymous Form (survey) Submissions can be viewed below. Click the icon to the right of the volume control to view full screen. 

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