Adding Audio to a Presentation Learning Object

To get started, you will need to have your MP3 Audio file saved on your computer.
Part I: Upload the MP3 file to the dialogEDU Assets area
1. Go to Customize
2. Select Design
3. Click Customize

4. Select the Assets tab

5. Click +Add Files

6. Copy the uploaded file link using the “copy” button.

Part II: Add the Code to the Presentation Learning Object

1. Go to Applications
2. Select Courses
3. Click on the blue Courses drop-down menu
4. Select Repository

5. Click +New Learning Object
6. Select Presentation

7. Title and Describe your Presentation click Save to go into the Slide Editor window
8. Add content to your slide

9. Click on </> to go to the HTML side

10. Paste the link into the code snippet provided below above the existing code for the content that has already been created (replace the PASTE LINK HERE text between the quotes)

11. Click Save to finish
12. To preview, click on the gear icon drop-down menu on the right-hand corner and select View

Enhance your dialogEDU Presentations with audio. This week’s Essential Tip & Trick will walk you through uploading your dialogEDU MP3 and embedding it into a Presentation learning object.

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