Using the Achievement Widget in My Locker

Learners enjoy being awarded badges for their achievements and dialogEDU provides this feature in the My Locker page of your site. To implement achievements, use the Achievements widget in My Locker.

From the backend of your site, go to Customize, Layout, then select the Me page from the Layout drop-down menu. In the Add Widgets tab on the right side of the page, select and drop the Achievements widget into the layout. In this screen shot, we are preparing to drag the Achievements widget into the grid, between “My Certificate List” and “My Requests List” Widget.

The title of this widget defaults to: User Achievements List. You can customize its label to anything you like such as Badges or Achievements and you can set a limit for how many badges you would like to display in the widget.

Remember, a widget is simply a labeled container. The content to fill that container is created in another area on the left-hand navigation tree. Content creation for the Achievement Widget is handled under the PEOPLE tab. When creating content for the achievement widget, you will utilize a picture file upload—using icons such as a trophy, ribbon, or any other picture to represent a badge or some achievement.

Create the new achievement by clicking on +New Achievement

Give your achievement a title and description. Then, upload your “badge” (a picture file that
will represent that achievement). Click Save and Continue

After creating a new achievement badge, an administrator or faculty (with permissions) can disable the badge instead of deleting it on the Achievements page, when it is no longer needed or offered (at least temporarily). Announcing that a badge will become unavailable at a certain period of time might provide incentive to a learner to complete a task sooner. The first screen below illustrates an “enabled” badge.

The screen below demonstrates a disabled badge. Once the badge has been disabled, the icon will become “grayed out.” You can re-enable it at any time by clicking on the down arrow to the right of the action gear and selecting Enable, shown below.

Your icon will no longer be grayed out and you will see that the status has changed back to “enabled.”

Once your achievements have been created, they will appear in the My Locker area as shown below.

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