Achievement Badge Creation

Let’s Begin!

Navigate to the backend of your institution’s site

2. Click People

3. Select Achievements

4. Click +New Achievement

5. Name and Describe your achievement under their respective fields.

6. Upload Badge and Disabled Badge Image. As the screen shot illustrates, you will need to upload two separate images to accomplish this task. Achievement Badge images are created offline and then uploaded as images in their respective upload areas (badge image and disabled badge image). You will need to ensure that your image is a Square Maximum size of 100×100 pixels.

7. Click Save and Continue
8. Select the Courses Filter

9. Using the Course and Status drop-down menus, select your course; in this example, we selected Leading for Financial Effectiveness and “Finished” for Status

10. Click Save to finish

Looking for a more intricate design configuration?

dialogEDU’s professional services team offers customized single achievement badges or achievement badge packages.
Please contact professional services at professionalservices@dialogedu.comor 561-340-4235 for more information.

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