Are there benefits to achievement badges and certificates? According to Lori Freifeld’s article “Badge Benefits” in Training Magazine, “the popular consensus among both experts and corporate organizations these days seems to be, “Yes.” The dialogEDU platform is built for engagement and incorporates both badges and certificates in its LMS. Sophisticated content is often enhanced with multimedia tools and real-time interactive simulations, gamification, and other features that deepen exciting engagement.

Measuring achievement is important to our clients and students. dialogEDU, uses your business rules to award certificates and badges based off achievement standards and accomplishments. Administrators have the ability to custom design certificates and print them at the user’s convenience via widgets and other accessible apps. Furthermore, through various integrations and industry/corporate partnerships, we have the unique ability to automatically forward certificates and achievements to the appropriate governing bodies for continuing education credit.

dialogEDU is a uniquely valuable, next generation learning management platform that has been specifically designed to provide an unprecedented state-of-the-art online learning ecosystem for academic institutions, pharmacy, global training organizations, and hospitals/health systems. Find out more today about how dialogEDU’s can power your training and learning.

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