The healthcare industry requires its physicians, nurses, and pharmacists to maintain, and improve upon, their skills through participation in continuing education and training. Traditionally, this type of training would take place in a conventional classroom or lab environment. However, leveraging a learning management system for the same type of education and training has numerous advantages. According to eLearning for Healthcare Workers, “New medical technology, in combination with targeted eLearning efforts, could help bring about a significant advancement in healthcare and medical practices.”

dialogEDU is a learning platform solution tailored for the training of physicians, nurses, and pharmacists. Features including targeting, achievements, certificates, forums, and a robust simulation engine combine to take eLearning to a new level.

“Continual education is crucial for healthcare professionals and using these technological developments in the form of eLearning can help keep medical professionals up to date with new developments in their field much better and faster than traditional learning can.”

Webanywhere lists the following statistics about the advantages of implementing a learning management system in the healthcare industry.

• Companies can save around 68% in training costs.
• Information retention by learners is proven to improve by 25% to 60%.
• Employee productivity can be expected to increase up to 50%.

It is evident from these figures that the growing adoption of eLearning within healthcare organizations has many advantages over the traditional classroom/lab environments.

dialogEDU is a uniquely valuable, next generation learning management platform which has been specifically designed to provide an unprecedented, state-of-the-art online learning ecosystem for hospitals/health systems, academic institutions, pharmacy, and global training organizations. Find out more about how dialogEDU can power your training and learning.

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