In a continuous desire to progress and improve outcomes, the pharma community must always stay up-to-date on new releases, updates and relevant information, and continuing education and training is a required part of a pharmacist’s daily life.

Pharmacy thought leaders continuously seek the best mechanism to share information and ensure that pharmacists are up-to-date and using the most relevant information.

dialogEDU is the answer.

dialogEDU is uniquely designed for healthcare with a commitment to allow pharmacists to focus more on patient responsibilities and not on manual paperwork.

Six reasons why pharmacists choose dialogEDU as their LMS to advance their delivery of training and continuing education

  1. The convenient, easy to use interface and cloud based functionality allow pharmacists to learn anytime, anywhere.
  2. Integration with CPE Monitor enables pharmacy practice to focus on outcomes, not on paperwork.
  3. Easy to design, dynamic simulations allow for pharmacists to practice scenarios and decision making in training.
  4. Awards, certificates and badges allow pharmacists to commemorate learning achievements and the virtual locker serves as a repository to archive all completed learning.
  5. Targeting and segmentation allows pharmacists to only see relevant material and learning, and not waste time on extraneous training and coursework.
  6. dialogEDU’s system is flexible and customizable to meet the needs of your specific health system.

A pharmacy leader from a large health system shared:

Our pharmacy department transitioned our learning management system to DialogEDU in June 2015.  The Dialog EDU team has been great to work with and has offered onsite and electronic support of the platform since go-live.  The DialogEDU team is personal, professional, and highly motivated to push their product to the forefront of medical training and education. They have listened to what their customers need, and continuously work to improve the platform with monthly releases.  It seems like every other month there is an upgrade to the system that we asked for and every updated benefits our delivery and administration of the platform to our staff.  Whether simulation, videos, presentations, documents, web links; Dialog EDU gives you the flexibility to customize the educational experience and bring it beyond the often outdated and traditional approach to training.  Integration of the DialogEDU platform with the ACPE/CPE monitor platform is changing the way we train and provide continuing education credits to our staff and across our network. The cloud based functionality of the DialogEDU application allows us to share education and training activities across our health system.  For health systems seeking to advance their delivery of training and continuing education, I highly recommend they reach out to the DialogEDU team.

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