dialogEDU Transforms Learning in the Pharma Community

Until August 10, 2019


1st year includes;

One- time Implementation and Annual Licensing Fees*
(with a 5- year contract)


Years 2-5

Annual Licensing Fee*


Delivery of unlimited CE courses
[exclusive to CE courses]

More Engaging Online Technology At New Competitive Prices!

dialogEDU is offering promotional pricing for U.S. Schools of Pharmacy. A next generation, interactive LMS can deliver an unlimited number of courses for a competitive price by charging a flat fee per user.

Multi-year license includes dialogEDU’s CPE Monitor integration and easy to use learning platform to train staff and other CEU learners. dialogEDU has many features including a payment gateway, surveys, live CE events, achievements, and certificates.

For just $3,500 year 1 and $1,500 for each year following, you can train 2000 people with unlimited courses. The CPE integration allows for seamless transmission of CE’s to ACPE.

The offer includes:

8 hours of training, 3 site designs and:

  • Site set-up and configuration
  • User administration role and set up
  • Custom branding and CSS development
  • Logo import
  • Custom domain configuration
  • Navigation bar set up
  • Targeting and segmentation
  • Up to 8 hours of on-line training
  • Digital student locker
  • Access to dialogEDU training library
  • Find out how dialogEDU can transform learning in your pharmacy department!
    Request information today!

* fees are due at signing and annual fees due at the beginning of each anniversary year

Reasons why pharmacists choose dialogEDU as their LMS to advance delivery of online training and continuing education

In a continuous desire to progress and improve outcomes, dialogEDU is committed to allowing pharmacists to focus more on patient responsibilities and not on paperwork.

CPE Monitor Integration

Integration with CPE Monitor enables pharmacy practices to focus on outcomes by saving significant time, money and resources.

Dynamic Simulations

Easy to design, dynamic simulations allow for pharmacists to practice scenarios and decision making during training.


Awards, certificates and badges allow pharmacists to commemorate learning achievements.

Learn Anytime and Anywhere

The convenient, easy-to-use interface and cloud based functionality allow pharmacists to learn anytime, anywhere.

Targeting and Segmentation

Targeting and segmentation allow pharmacists to see relevant training and coursework and not waste time on extraneous material.

Customizable LMS

dialogEDU’s learning management system is flexible and customizable to meet the needs of your specific health system.

CPE Monitor

Automation Through Integration With dialogEDU

Advancing Pharmacy Training and Continuing Education

  • dialogEDU’s integration with CPE Monitor allows pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to easily track their completed CPE credits and auto submit with error tracking for reconciliation
  • Convenient, easy-to-use interface and cloud based functionality allow pharmacists to learn anytime, anywhere
  • dialogEDU’s system is flexible and customizable to meet the needs of your specific health system

CPE Monitor Benefits

  • API based integration with the CPE Monitor , an electronic system for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to track their completed continuing pharmacy education (CPE) credits.
  • Auto submit with error tracking for reconciliation.
  • Providers – no need to provide electronic or printed statements of credit to your pharmacist and pharmacy technician participants. Instead, information is electronically transmitted to the NABP.
  • No need for an Annual Activity Update (AAU) reporting by the provider each year.

Interactive continuing education activities, including automatic upload to CPE Monitor

Effective employee onboarding through standardization and streamlined processes

Complete evaluation of CPE activity, including timers, attendance, and end-of-course surveys

Robust reporting, including course completion reports

Increased staff engagement through broad communication ecosystem, accessible via any device

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